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The Earth Rotates

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the real proof is what i see w/ my own eyes. a couple days ago i witness to planes in the sky, one stopped spraying, broke off to the right, while the one from the left cut in and began spraying where the previous one left off, the one that broke off to the right did not leave a trail of any type, contrails my ass, watch the skies, you’ll see the difference.



Ok, sammie, off you go outside and consider the Sun. There it goes, rising to the East of you, and setting to the West of you (when your “chemtrails” let you see it).
So START a movement NOW, called “The Sun goes around the Earth” movement. Teach those STUPID scientists a lesson. The Earth rotates your ass: “watch the skies, you’ll see the difference”!

Don’t get dizzy, Doomy.


Ridicule won’t help you, it never has. At this point in time your just funny to watch.
BTW your friend Epoxynous is having a hard time finding one science book that explains how contrails coming from a jet appear to go on and off because of the different humidities.
Why do you think he is having so much trouble?

You remind me of Monty Python’s parrot salesman. Even with a DEAD parrot, this oily creature is unable to break his lying habit, and comes up with increasingly desperate statements to justify a dead parrot, nailed to a perch. 


“Chemtrails” are bereft of life, they are LATE trails, they have gone to meet their “maker” – YOU.

you think the doctors are gonna actually tell you the truth, they’re too busy lining their own pockets w/ money from the pharmaceutical companies. when will people wake up to the fact that there is more money to be made in treating diseases than curing them. the elite don’t care about you, we are all expendable.

i was referring to the first few pictures of people in the hospital, the caption explains that they are people suffering from “unexplained illnesses”.

He’s a paid shill who’s just lost all credibility (not that he had any in the first place). There is OFFICIAL confirmation on this now*. So don’t let jazzroc bother you, he’s just doing what he’s told. Lie, lie, lie.


* I’m still waiting for my first paycheck – I need it to build a Tesla-powered orgone pork pie machine…  …so jlettis, please send me this official confirmation. 


Boy, was Ebendy mad when I wrote about him in my blog! He was really screaming mad! But my judgement of him was correct – his rage is that of some well-meaning middle-class person who’s too nice to be truly malevolent – and quite refreshing to receive, as a person who is really too nice to be capable of being really nasty. Anyway, I am quoting a moment when he is really in his element.

Finally a picture of the All White Jets (AWJ) seen in my vids spraying enormous trails! Ive seen these AWJs fly overhead in fighter formation. Usually when they do this, The lead is spraying and the two escorts on either side are doing nothing! Not even a Contrail! And absolutely silent. We all hear the sounds of a commercial airliner. So if all these A.W.J.s are spraying simultaneously, then the sounds would be amazing! Ive seen over 10 jets at one time! No sound! Thanks nicscics for the post!

Thank you, friend. You are right!

A disinfo agent, ted twit meyer, has posted a response on rense saying this is a test plane and those are water barrels…what?? way too complicated set up to be just a test plane and just water..I would not trust twitmeyer one bit.. he should be exposing chemtrails, not covering them up.**

Yes, I know… Look at the luggage drawers on the right side in the photo. Let’s consider the operations necessary to dismantle something. If you get an assembly of the interior of an aircraft for tests, you don’t have to mount the luggage drawers, because you do it after. Vice versa, when you dismantle, you remove only what you need to remove. On my opinion, it’s clear that this is not an aircraft used for some test, as many people guess, even if the furniture is similar to what is used for flight test. We can see that in an aircraft used for flight tests, there are not luggage drawers. It’s logic: this furniture is not assembled, before tests are over. But in the photo you can see this furniture, i.e. four luggage drawers. So I think that this is a (di)smantled airplane. Any other “information” against this hypothesis is, in my opinion, very suspicious.

incredible lol thx m8, they won’t stop trying to capture our minds.*


Maledetti, ci stanno uccidendo.
Grazie nicscics per il tuo impegno.
Una curiosità: perché hanno tutte quelle strumentazioni? Forse per analizzare gli effetti?

Penso che la strumentazione sia impiegata per gestire le irrorazioni in modo completamente automatico, anche perché la maggior parte dei velivoli osservati era senza cabina di pilotaggio e quindi… senza piloti.

No, ci deve essere qualcos’altro sotto. Per aprire delle valvole non servono tutti quei computer. Secondo me dosano le quantità in funzione delle condizioni atmosferiche per essere certi degli effetti.

(It’s amazing that these guys know already that this isn’t a prototype aircraft with water barrels for CG modification. They also know already that Mr. Twitmeyer is a “disinfo agent”. This would disappoint him, for he and I both know he’s a chemtrailer trying to prevent a lie from being told. We ALL know, in fact, that a “disinfo agent” is whoever disagrees with the latest chemtrailer-concocted lie.)

* I have a butterfly net with small holes for sale…

** This is to do with the Boeing 777 LR prototype fraud: “Inside a Chemical Tanker Sprayer”, which is a deliberate, fraudulent, cynical LIE:

This fraud is gently exposed here:



Look up “ectoplasm” on Wiki. It’s the fourth down on the disambiguation page. You’ll pop up in “contrails”, and it’s worth going to see “wingtip vortices”. Sharp reductions in pressure condense out water from the air. If that happens in supersaturated air, these trails REMAIN PERMANENT.


One of the biggest LIES in this video post is that ORDINARY contrails are NEVER permanent. 


“anything but regular passenger shuttle type” – What you show here is PERFECTLY NORMAL TRAFFIC.

“in “X” LIKE PATTERNS” – so in the MIDDLE of ordinary shuttle activities you have PRECISE MILITARY-STYLE MANOEVERS. A recipe for NUMEROUS AIR DISASTERS if it were EVER carried out.

“I live near a v large airport and have seen what goes on” – in the MIDDLE OF THE US with criss-crossing routes all around you?

“Nice try” or a “load of crock”. Make your mind up.

“tell fairy-tales” – Well, I’ve dug up the OFFICIAL VERSION (of fairy tales!), and it’s more succinct than mine. I’m sure you’d like it just for reference..

Contrails can remain visible for very long periods of time with the lifetime a function of the temperature, humidity, winds, and aircraft exhaust characteristics.

Contrails can form many shapes as they are dispersed by horizontal and vertical wind shear.

Sunlight refracted or reflected from contrails can produce vibrant and eye-catching colors and patterns.

Observation and scientific analysis of contrails and their duration date back to at least 1953.

The National Airspace System of the United States is oriented in an east-west and north-south grid with aircraft flying at designated 2000 foot increments of elevation (1000 feet after the introduction of Reduced Vertical Separation Minima in 2002-2004).

Contrails formed by aircraft may appear to form a grid as the winds disperse the contrails.

More contrails are seen in recent years due to the growth in the civil aviation market. 


The End of Little Grey Men and the truth about Roswell


This title may be retitled if you’re a chemtrailer as “Disinformationalist reveals All”, but if you have a modicum of scientific understanding my original title rings true. It’s longer than an hour, sorry, but it’s worth it.

This story begins with why small steel spheres were issued to United States Navy pilots during the War in the Pacific of WW2, why whales can and do swim down a thousand metres wherever they are in the deep oceans, and continues with the connection this had with US attempts to detect the first tests of nuclear weapons conducted by the USSR, and the connection with the Roswell New Mexico “crashed flying saucer” incident, and further connections to Tom Clancy’s book “The Hunt for Red October”.

It is a classic story of the real truth springing from the discovery of intrinsic properties of the Earth, and physical science, and the engineering applications (frequently most top secret), and a modern book and popular film of science fiction which sprang from that. Read the book – it’s better. In fact the US Navy recommends it to their recruits.

Real scientific factual truth is infinitely more fascinating than popular myth…

Physics 10 – Lecture 11: – Waves I



Tenerife is a volcanic island; one of a chain of volcanic islands called the Canary Islands, which bask in the sun a couple of hundred miles off the west-of-north African coast at about 27 degrees of latitude.

It comprises eighty-four volcanoes, and the tallest peak is Mt. Teide, which is about 12,000 feet above sea level. The prevailing wind is from the north-west, and El Medano is just off the end of the southern airport, Aeropuerto Reina Sofia, on the coast just east of south.

This is a picture of cloud cover over the mountain, which is quite a rare event in the summer, taken from my bedroom window.

The cloudbase is at about 7,000 feet. The tiny light area beneath the clouds to the far left is the town of Vilaflor, which, at 5,200 feet is the highest town in Spain. It takes its name from its fields, which in (a very early!) spring are carpeted with flowers. In the foreground you can see that the leeward side of the mountain is drier, and the land is rock and desert scrub. Don’t let it fool you – you have only to add water, and the place turns into a tropical paradise. We get a lot of blue skies, especially in the summer months. The blue skies of winter are wetter and sometimes we do see persistent contrails. Even so, it only rains heavily for two days in the year, normally, and the lowest temperature we have seen is 11 degrees C.

Hot, hot, hot!

Hot, hot, hot!


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“Contrails were not an issue” – they NEVER WERE an issue. Your ignorance and your desire to propagate ignorance ARE the issue.

“Samples have been collected from rain and snow throughout America” – and will show samples of RAIN and SNOW.

“normal commercial craft a lot higher not leaving much of a contrail even while others leave the thick noduled classic chem trail” – is a TYPICAL EXAMPLE OF YOUR FAILURE TO UNDERSTAND THE WEATHER. The layered nature of the stratosphere presents different humidities and headings in every layer. And so the contrail behaves differently in each layer.

“they have been analyzed” – so BADLY as to NOT BE IN ANY WAY SCIENTIFIC.

“people like you” – you mean EDUCATED people who understand SCIENCE?

“we already know” – YES, THE JU-JU MAN TOLD YOU. More likely you entered “chemtrails” into your search engine and reconfirmed your prejudices.

“Commercial aircraft fly at 30-35k feet, the chems usually sprayed at 12-15k feet” – I haven’t seen a SINGLE VIDEO depicting such a thing ANYWHERE ON THIS SITE. This ASSERTION you make is full of FAULTY assumptions and calculations, for civil aircraft have lanes and levels they must adhere to, which they receive from air traffic control.

The OFFICIAL FACTS are these:

Contrails can remain visible for very long periods of time with the lifetime a function of the temperature, humidity, winds, and aircraft exhaust characteristics.

Contrails can form many shapes as they are dispersed by horizontal and vertical wind shear.

Sunlight refracted or reflected from contrails can produce vibrant and eye-catching colors and patterns.

Observation and scientific analysis of contrails and their duration date back to at least 1953.

The National Airspace System of the United States is oriented in an east-west and north-south grid with aircraft flying at designated 2000 foot increments of elevation (1000 feet after the introduction of Reduced Vertical Separation Minima in 2002-2004).

Contrails formed by aircraft may appear to form a grid as the winds disperse the contrails.

More contrails are seen in recent years due to the growth in the civil aviation market.



“Smoke and Mirrors”

There are many ironies in this “chemtrail” issue. This one’s a beaut. It can be found (maybe!) here.

People with nothing better to do open their blogs, and to boost their self-importance, probably, gossip amongst each other and confabulate their “poison spray” stories as if totally unaware of the breathtaking social damage which may occur if other bad events concatenate. OK, maybe, in private emails, but obviously NOT OK as a web-wide transmission.

When brought up short by a question such as “Don’t you think that people that cause and assist powerfully emotive lies and false accusations to circulate within our society fit perfectly the description of fifth-column terrorists and may be subject to the attentions of the Patriot Act?”, such people consider they have been subject to some form of assault!

You know, “policemen are nasty people who assault criminals”! That’s me. I attack criminality. It’s the social duty of all of us, really – a part of growing up.

January 1, 2009 Bobbi Snow:
I live in Los Angeles. In March 2005 chemtrails began being sprayed over our neighborhoods, right after the heavy Winter/Spring rains stopped. All the plants on my deck were covered daily with an oily-sticky substance. I tried hosing it off, every evening, but eventually all the plants died, one by one. The water bowls we have out there for the squirrels & birds showed this same oily substance on chemtrail days. I had to change the bowls three times a day, when I was home. Lady Bugs and Honey bees were dropping dead all over the deck, on chemtrail days.
Seven months later I began to have severe digestive/stomach problems. I began feeling nauseated, and started losing weight. I’m down to seventy pounds now, and the specialists say they have no idea what’s wrong with me. I seem to have no cancer, at least none they can find… and on days when there are NO chemtrails in the skies, I eat normally; I just can’t gain any weight.
When I mentioned the coordination between the commencement of the chemtrails and my decline in good health a few months later, all the doctors acted like they thought I was CRAZY. (They’re all in their offices every day, and apparently never look out their windows and SEE these chemtrails!) But according to the head gastroenterologist at Cedars of Sinai, “business has been booming for the past couple of years!”
It doesn’t take a GENIUS to figure out that if the chemicals residue can kill plants and Lady Bugs and Honey Bees on my deck, it’s also getting into the water we drink, the soil in which our crops are grown, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the meats we buy…
I have written to the local meteorologists, UCLA, USC, the Los Angeles County Board of Health. I have never received a reply from any of them! But the one thing I have noticed is, during the past few months, the weather forecasters who are on early in the mornings refer to the up-coming chemtrails with the phrase, “Expect some high cirrus clouds during the day, but there should still be plenty of sunshine.” If they KNOW the chemtrails are going to be sprayed, then surely some of them have a idea as to their purpose, the chemicals in them, and which branch of our government is responsible for them.
Is this population control? Are the chemtrails making the pharmaceutical companies and physicians richer? And do SOME of the people have a pillthey are given that makes them immune to these adverse affects?
I’ve read about the analyses of some of the private testing that’s been made on the contents of these chemtrails. The chemicals discovered are KNOWN to cause digestive problems, allergies, skin rashes, breathing difficulties, and contain carcinogens. So WHY is our government allowing this to be done to the populations of so many different countries?
I would like to believe that eventually I will get better… but unless the chemtrails totally CEASE and never start up again, I think I will become just one more casualty in this War Against Humanity. I fear I will die in the not so distant future, never knowing why my tax dollars have been turned against honest, hard-working people who only want the best for themselves, their respective countries, and their future generations.

January 2, 2009 Kelly Mahan Jaramillo:
Dear Bobbi, Thank you for writing – I am pulling my hair out with people who insist that either I am imagining it or I am misinformed, that they are“contrails” and no more. It is horrible, and I am in nowhere near the bad shape you are in due to this malfeasance – I have not gone to the lengths you have gone to get some answers, only to be met with either silence, or worse, that you are crazy.
Makes one want to tell the doctors who act as if you are crazy that their years of med school did not do much good, if you are so sick and they cannot figure it out.
I find it very interesting what you said about the morning news shows – I do not watch them, so have never heard the “forecast” you described above. That is downright creepy. The more I dig into this, the more disturbing it gets.
I agree with you – these are our tax dollars at work? Thanks a lot, folks.
I was with my husbands family yesterday for the traditional New Years Day meal, and I brought the subject up, as they had been over when i was feeling lousy, and the only person who was totally engrossed in the issue was my mother-in-law. She talked about the headaches she gets out of nowhere, but said she had never seen Chemtrails in their area. But then she answered herself, kind of chuckling, and said, “well, I never really look up into the sky that often.”
I have found that when people hear about it, after trying to come up with a reasonable explanation, they start gazing upwards much more often, and you find yourself with much agreement after a while.
However, that does not help the core problem – the folks in charge of this obvious mystery are not talking. What do we do?
I am going to write to the President-elect and ask about it, I will most likely get nowhere, but maybe something will happen. I did hear that when Bill Clinton was president, he started to address Chemtrails, then abruptly stopped. So……
If you go to the link I posted, Chemtrail Data, there is a lot of interesting information, and it seems to be a bit of a community – I think you should share your story with them. There is an interesting little contraption that some people invented that they say wards off the bad effects of the Chemtrails, but I just found it. Not committing quite yet.
I DO lean towards one of the reasons for the spraying is to make the pharmaceutical companies more money – and I do wonder if population control is a part of it. It is horrifying to me that we human beings are viewed as “business” when we are sick, and that the head gastroenterologist at Cedars actually said that “Business has been booming in the last couple of years”. Utterly reprehensible.
I wish I had some answers, but I, like you, only have questions. I am so glad you posted, and I am hoping you get better – this is one of the worst stories I have heard. I am so sorry, and if I ever stumble across something that can repel the effects, I will contact you. Right now, all there is is the crystal/copper wire contraption you can find on the link above. It is not expensive, if you can afford it, why not give it a shot?
Take care, hang in there. Maybe this will be stopped with the new administration, if enough people start demanding it. Best, Kelly
P.S. I have a pilates/bodyband video that I work out to, it is set in a gorgeous outside setting, and as I was following it one day, I noticed a chemtrail in the video! How is that for ironic?

January 12, 2009 James Stafford: Have you made any progress on this?

January 21, 2009 Kelly Mahan Jaramillo: I’m working on it, Hi-may. By the way, you are not one of the “contrail” people that bugged me. I have been hearing it for years.

May 1, 2009 jazzroc:
The planes you see making trails are the same ones you catch to go on holiday. Their jet engines burn kerosine to produce forward thrust, and leave in their wake carbon dioxide (the same as you exhale) and water (as you do too). This water turns to ice in a fraction of a second, and if the stratosphere (seven miles up) is dry, then the ice slowly sublimes to water vapor and appears to disappear.
If, on the other hand, the stratosphere is humid, then the ice is no longer able to sublime away, and remains, falling at less than a meter per second.
The average speed of the stratosphere over your head is sixty miles per hour, and if the ice were to continue to fall all the way down (which it never does because the contrail ice will inevitably fall into drier layers of the stratosphere and then sublime there), it would land two hundred miles away from you some three hours later.
This makes it very unlikely, does it not, that anything released by aircraft seven miles overhead had anything to do with your sickness…
Whatever illness you suffered could have been an infection breathed upon you by another person, or you could have eaten or drunk something toxic or infectious, or it could be a combination of pollen and exhaust fumes which made you ill.
Did this happen in December, when the cedar pollens are released? Somehow I bet it did, seeing as the word “cedar” crops up in your post.

June 5, 2009 Kelly Mahan Jaramillo:
Hello jazzroc, and welcome! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your comment.  While I appreciate your thorough explanation of contrails, I am keenly aware of what makes up a contrail, and if you watch the sky long enough, you can clearly see the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail. The crisscross pattern that lingers in the sky for hours, for starters. Contrails dissipate quite quickly, where as chemtrails linger for hours, slowly spreading out until they manage to simulate some kind of odd cloud.
If regular airplanes were making those trails, there would be massive accidents in the sky – pilots are not allowed to fly willy-nilly across each others flight paths in such a fashion as the photo’s depict.
One day you will notice the difference. I, too, was completely skeptical when I first heard about this, then I started watching the sky.
The difference in contrails and chemtrails was so starkly different I was shocked that I had not noticed it before.
And a quick addendum – when Bill Clinton was President, this was an issue he was willing to talk about. This is not some crazy conspiracy theory, it is a fact. It just happens to be one that very few people talk about.
Thank you for visiting, different opinions are always welcome and encouraged as long as civility remains. Best, Kelly

June 5, 2009 jazzroc:
You say “I am keenly aware of what makes up a contrail”.
I beg to differ. You are NOT. My blog quite clearly demonstrates examples of contrails from the very brief to the very persistent. These were first recorded in 1921, and have been carefully quantified and written up in a stream of more than six hundred scientific papers since 1953 – all listed and mentioned in my blog. If you had read and understood them, you would NOT have written what you have just written.
“If you watch the sky long enough, you can clearly see the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail.”
You might see the difference between a brief and a persistent contrail, but there is NO way you can honestly point at a persistent trail and say “there is a chemtrail”. It is a cloud of ice crystals almost identical to a natural cirrus cloud, whether it is persistent or not.
“The crisscross pattern that lingers in the sky for hours, for starters.”
Is merely the result of crossing shuttle routes at an angle to each other; the SAME TWO routes, but different aircraft. They may happen, say, at hourly intervals. The typical average speed of the stratosphere in which they fly is around 60 mph. The consequence is what you see.
“Contrails dissipate quite quickly, whereas chemtrails linger for hours, slowly spreading out until they manage to simulate some kind of odd cloud.”
This mantra is constantly repeated by chemtrailers. If you read the Encyclopedia Britannica entry you will find it to be INCORRECT. It states quite clearly that contrails persist when there are humid conditions in the stratosphere.
“If regular airplanes were making those trails, there would be massive accidents in the sky – pilots are not allowed to fly willy-nilly across each others flight paths in such a fashion as the photos depict.”
Regular aircraft make these trails for 20% of the time on average. You are correct – “pilots are not allowed to fly willy-nilly across each other’s flight paths” – and they DON’T. They fly above or below each other by 2000 feet. At a distance of seven miles (their usual altitude) this 2000 feet is not easy to discriminate. That is why there is Air Traffic Control.
“One day you will notice the difference. I, too, was completely skeptical when I first heard about this, then I started watching the sky.”
You falsely assume I am not older, wiser, and more experienced than you are. This is typical behavior for CT “theorists” who have in the past ridiculed the Max Planck Institute and many other Nobel Laureates in their slanders.
“The difference in contrails and chemtrails was so starkly different I was shocked that I had not noticed it before.”
Unfortunate. You should (and one day, I hope, WILL) be shocked by the lengths your absolute ignorance of the world around you has led you to.
“When Bill Clinton was President, this was an issue he was willing to talk about.”
Well, ole’ Bill should have kept his flies zipped and boned up on physics first.
“This is not some crazy conspiracy theory, it is a fact. It just happens to be one that very few people talk about.”
It IS some crazy conspiracy theory. One day your shame will prevent you talking about it.
“Different opinions are always welcome and encouraged as long as civility remains.”
Believe it or not – I’m doing my best to be civil. The fairy story of “Chicken Little” springs to mind here. I always thought it had a lightweight moral point, but these days I’m not so sure.

How much REAL harm is being done by thousands of people, who through their own ignorance are spreading lies and slander through an information system? And doesn’t this come under the Patriot Act?

June 5, 2009 Kelly Mahan Jaramillo:
Interesting, you are quite rabid on this subject – what is your issue, jazzroc? If you want to dismiss the Chemtrail people as crazies, why not just do so and get on with your life? You talk about the great harm being done to people over this Chemtrail issue – what harm is being done, exactly? Some people believe it, some do not. I have yet to hear of some Chemtrail maniac shooting innocent planes out of the sky, it is simply an issue of some people are certain they exist, others are certain they do not. Who is getting so badly “harmed”?
It must be frustrating for you that, as you quote above, from 1953 until now, you have six hundred scientific papers to quote from. Six hundred in fifty-six years? Really not much of a tome insofar as a span of over half a century.
Are you a pilot? My brother is a small aircraft pilot, and we have flown together many times, so I have a tiny bit of Air Traffic Control experience as a passenger next to the pilot.
You assume that I am not aware that you are older. I went to your myspace page, and could clearly see that you are older. However, I do not confuse older with wiser. Older often translates into calcified in ones belief system.
Putting Bill Clinton, one of our best Presidents, down because of personal indiscretions that have zero to do with how extremely smart he is, shows how immediately dismissive you are towards any possible credibility to this issue.
This tells me that your mind is a door that is firmly slammed shut, and there is no point in any further discourse.
I do hope some day you will wake up and realize how much of your precious life you have wasted calling other people ignorant, while you remained mired in your belief with cement shoes and ’scientific’ facts. We do not get told everything by our government, scientist, or military. Personal experience is all an individual has to go by.
Believe it or not, this is a civil response back – as civil as I can be when a total stranger comes on to my site, behaving like a condescending blowhard, and calling me ignorant, telling me I am harming others, and telling me I should be ashamed of myself. Move along, sir.

June 5, 2009 jazzroc:
“Interesting, you are quite rabid on this subject – what is your issue, jazzroc?”
Perhaps you are unaware of your hypocrisy here.
The ISSUE is that you believe (without REAL evidence – for there is none) that your own people are attempting to injure yourself and everyone else with “poison sprays”.
And then you state this as FACT, converting your belief into action.
THAT is RABID. And a form of terrorism, and within the aegis of the Patriot Act.
Me? I’m just carrying out my social responsibilities…

June 6, 2009 Kelly Mahan Jaramillo:
Good God, man, you really love pointing out how “unaware” and “ignorant” everybody else is. The rabid I referred to is that your blog on the subject literally goes on for miles, and you seem to seek out any and all who disagree with you. You did not seem to fully read and comprehend the first person who posted, because you mentioned that the word “cedar” was in my post, and immediately decided that the unwell feeling was due to cedar pollens being released in December. Wrong.
The woman who wrote the first comment had gone to Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. And yet you have the nerve to condescend to me that I did not read and understand everything on your blog.
Your obsession with the Patriot Act is pretty funny – everything I post is in direct conflict with the Patriot Act – I am exercising my right to free speech and thought, without fear of being hauled away to Gitmo.
It’s called the First Amendment, pumpkin, and despite your attempts to steamroller over my right to free speech, wrapping yourself in some righteous cloak of “social responsibility”, you cannot stop me from writing about my experiences in the world I live in.
I am flattered that I have made the leap, in your fixed, narrow mind, from “ignorant” to “terrorist” in less than 24 hours.
I retract asking you to move along. Keep coming back, as with every comment you post, you emerge as a rigid, bullying, troglodyte. And Gosh Darn, I really need someone like you to “enlighten” me. Why, you should be on payroll somewhere for carrying out your “social responsibilities” with such zeal. You threw civility out the window when you came into my space and started hurling insults. Keep up the good work, you really have a way with people. Ta!

June 6, 2009 jazzroc:
No matter where you wander in your invective, the ISSUE STILL REMAINS that you believe (without REAL evidence – for there is none) that your own people are attempting to injure yourself and everyone else with “poison sprays”.
And then you state this as FACT, converting your belief into action, broadcasting this and conveying it to whoever has the misfortune to receive it.
These inimical actions CONFIRM you as an enemy of the United States and her people.
With your lies and false witness, you’s da enemy NOW…
How d’ya like those orange boiler suits! Ha! And those “showers”? Pffff – don’t look good to me!

June 6, 2009 Kelly Mahan Jaramillo:
Oh honey – You have shown yourself to be a certified loon. You seem incapable of refuting anything I point out, you, in the style of Rush Limbaugh, state what you believe to be yours, consequently the only, truth, and if anybody disagrees, you start screaming the exact same argument, with your liberal use of the caps button.
This is not a discussion, is is a diatribe. Yours. Any evidence I have you would debunk, no matter what the source. I have gone from trying to have a discussion with you, to getting irritated by you, to laughing at you, but now I kind of feel sorry for you. I feel bad for the fact that someone with a life experience that differs from yours causes in you such uncontrollable wrath and crumbling ability to interact. Try to take care of yourself. My guess is you suffer from high blood pressure and if you keep this up, you could very well stroke out. Try a little Yoga, sweetie. Or take a valium.
I am happy for you to put this exchange up on your “Issues” page. You and your little gang of sycophants can rip me to shreds on the safety of your blog. Don’t expect a visit from me, I have no need to defend myself against folks this extremely mono-focused and unreasonable.
You know, science is not rigid and cemented in facts once proven. It is a constantly evolving medium, and to hold onto it as tightly as you do is a recipe for being left behind. I am sure you remember how Galileo was persecuted to his last days for his forward thinking progress – he did not stay static within the safety of the status quo. It is a relief that you are a simple citizen with an opinion, just like myself. God forbid you were in a position of governmental power – it would be the Spanish Inquisition all over again.

June 6, 2009 Kelly Mahan Jaramillo:
To anyone who is following this nonsense, my curiosity got the better of me and I hopped over to Mr. Jazzroc’s “Issues” page (and MAN does this guy have “issues”) – and I am honored to be in such interesting company!
It is made up of of many different people and their Chemtrail experiences, and jazzroc does not disappoint. He sticks to his guns, with some really fun and snappy retorts from him. It is too bad that he has such a short fuse and inability to address a single point from the opposition, as his cause suffers for it, but it makes for great entertainment, if one is so inclined.

June 6, 2009 jazzroc:
“Oh honey” May I call you “darling”? “you start screaming the exact same argument, with your liberal use of the caps button.” You mean, repeating what the issue is? You are bearing false witness against your neighbors – and you call it “free speech”! 🙂
The Bible, Exodus 20:2–17 Deuteronomy 5:6–21 Exodus 34:11–27: 16 “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”
The Patriot Act is described as: a law defining “domestic terrorism” as acts committed in the United States “dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws,” if the U.S. government determines that they “appear to be intended” to “influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion,” or “to intimidate or coerce a civilian population.” Such ambiguous language allows for a loose interpretation that might violate civil liberties and human rights. Yours.
 “You know, science is not rigid and cemented in facts once proven. It is a constantly evolving medium, and to hold onto it as tightly as you do is a recipe for being left behind.”
Well, YOU haven’t paid any attention to it at all, and show no signs of doing so. May I quote you, darling? – “and ’scientific’ facts. We do not get told everything by our government, scientist, or military. Personal experience is all an individual has to go by.” Incorrect. Science is a way of improving upon “personal experience”. You should try it sometime. It can be perfectly accessible to you.

“it would be the Spanish Inquisition all over again.”
It’s YOUR government’s policy – not mine. I fear that a world under the Inquisition mightn’t be as bad as a world stacked full of ignorant liars with blogs on the Internet, raising everyone else’s suspicion of innocent, capable, and hard-working professional people, and meanwhile distracting everyone’s attention from discovering the true causes of respiratory ailments. 

June 6, 2009 Tomas Hradcky:
Alas, one of my worst fears. A certain type of “Jazz/Rock” musician (with all due respect to the many great musicians I’ve worked with) who is one who will ultimately taser themselves thinking they are protecting all of us from the scourge of three chord power rock. Or in this case, oddly enough, chemtrails. JazzRoc, it might better serve your valuable time to lose yourself in an infinite II/V circle of fifths loop. It would certainly be safer and more peaceful for the rest of us. Breathe boy! Best,Tomas

June 6, 2009 Kelly Mahan Jaramillo:
Ahh, it was only a matter of time before my suspicions about you were confirmed – you are now quoting the Bible. A questionable source of solid information, that book. You can call me anything you want, angel. You already have, but thanks for asking at this late date. You know, I used to be insistent upon having the last word in every argument, until one day I woke up and realized how childish I felt. I am moving on, and I hope you do to, only because you have a family, and I am sure they would like some of your attention, attention you are squandering going round and round in circles with a total stranger. Try to show a little restraint in your obsessive behavior, as you may look up one day and notice that your family has left you to your righteous insanity via the computer keyboard. But it has been fun, darling.  I have grown rather fond of your lunatic responses. But, it is a beautiful day outside, no Chemtrails, just one lone Contrail, so I am going for a hike.

But before I go, Jazz, I have one question. “It’s YOUR government’s policy – not mine.” Well, yes it is! So why in the world do you give a damn? Let the silly fools in the United States blog their opinions – enjoy looking down on us and laugh amongst yourself and your friends. You are taking your sense of self importance and “social responsibility” to a bit of an extreme, when you are not even in the same country. It’s a bit puzzling…….

Tomas – you kill me. I was going to suggest that Mr. Jazzroc go back to practicing his scales and working on his art, but you beat me to it.

June 6, 2009  jazzroc:
Haha. Tomas, I LIKE the occasional 3-chord power rock, but certainly not for any extended period!  The same goes for the other idea (I think!)
Safer – no. More peaceful – no.
We’re a technologically-based civilisation now, and the most dangerous thing we can do is retreat from an understanding of the science that holds us up.
We are BIG – and you KNOW how hard we will fall – unless we can build ourselves a parachute.
“Chemtrails” don’t exist at all. They are a symptom of our failure to properly understand the world around us, and an evil that must be countered, before it is backed up and amplified by other world events, such as the economic consequences of declining fossil fuels, possible climate change, maybe a world recession (oh, we have that), and worsening instability in the Middle East (oh, we have that), and a growing list of similar chickens coming home to roost.
“Chemtrails? WHO ordered THEM?”

June 6, 2009 jazzroc:
Kelly, from the outset you haven’t taken REAL notice of what I am saying.
Search Google for “paper” “aviation” “saturated” “atmosphere” “contrails” “-chemtrails” “-aerosols” (yes – all at once!)
These are properly-written scientific papers which directly contradict your “hypothesis”.
You haven’t challenged me to produce evidence because you quite obviously are unwilling to risk changing your belief. This only goes to confirm what I have as civilly as possible indicated to you, which is that your blog and activities are harmful. You pretend that it’s only an itty-bitty thing, but you deceive yourself. This blog is not a US-only manifestation. It IS worldwide. You have no evidence (for there can be no evidence for a non-existent entity) and what you suggest flies in the face of established science – and is just – LIES.
As you are too cowardly to confront your own ignorance you resort to abuse, namely “quite rabid – calcified in ones belief system – immediately dismissive – your mind is a door that is firmly slammed shut – how much of your precious life you have wasted – mired in your belief with cement shoes and ’scientific’ facts – condescending blowhard – condescend to me – your attempts to steamroller over my right to free speech – wrapping yourself in some righteous cloak – your fixed, narrow mind – rigid, bullying, troglodyte – started hurling insults – certified loon – incapable of refuting – start screaming – uncontrollable wrath and crumbling ability – you suffer from high blood pressure – you could very well stroke out – your little gang of sycophants – extremely mono-focused and unreasonable – short fuse and inability to address a single point – your obsessive behavior – your lunatic responses”

Mirror, mirror, on the wall……….. 

June 6, 2009 Tomas Hradcky:
The only thing “REAL” here is that you, JazzRoc, are in a world of your own. What wonderful world it must be. At least for you. By the way, an original idea of your own would be nice once and a while. Cheers.
p.s. I await your own scientific studies and hard wrought evidence and thank God I never had to play a gig with you.

June 6, 2009 Kelly Mahan Jaramillo:
Okay Jazzy, Since you take zero responsibility for being the first in the comments section to start the name-calling, I will ignore your severe hypocrisy in your last post, and simply address your calling me a coward for not offering up any data, even though I had a link in my original post, a fact you have conveniently ignored.


June 6, 2009 jazzroc:
I will post for each. First, Rense:
‘Deep Sky’ source – is not a credible source, is it?
“substance that showed up on ATC radars as a ‘haze’” – as does a supersaturated contrail
“radar returns are the signature of the fine aluminum particles found in laboratory tests of contaminated rain taken in Espanola, Ontario in the summer of 1999″ – how do they know that? Did they take the samples from Ontario to Vancouver? Really! Are YOU THAT credulous?
“The lab analysis found reflective quartz particles in the chemtrail fallout – and levels of aluminum FIVE TIMES higher than Ontario’s maximum permissible health safety standards” – dried soil dust will do the same: CLAY is aluminum silicate.
DND eventually replied, “It’s not us.” – Because it wasn’t them.
‘Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming’ – requires 20 million tons of material per shot, 250,000 tanker flights, and money that has never been available (and more than the billion bucks mentioned!).
“a predicted doubling of heat-trapping C02 in the atmosphere over the next 40 years” – no prediction of CO2 heating has EVER borne fruit. It’s strange, because it does in lab conditions – just not out there in the world. There are still as yet unknown “sinks” for it.
“warned that the stratospheric spraying of sunlight-reflecting chemicals could ‘destroy the ozone layer’” – more true of the oxides of nitrogen and sulfur than anything else, because it is nearly impossible to get solid materials in large quantities into the lower polar thermospheres.
“spraying something that regularly clouds their screens” – as I said before – that’s what a heavy contrail can do.
“A scientist working at Wright-Pat recently told reporter” – is not a credible source, is it?
“under pressure according to Kucinich” – due to HIS pressure, according to Kuchinich. Check it out.
“The unusual white plumes are often contrasted by brief, pencil-thin contrails left by commercial jets flying above them” – it’s warmer the higher you go in the stratosphere, which is stable, and layered with layers of differing humidities. Learn your science.
According to NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, contrails can only form at temperatures below minus 76 degrees, andhumidity levels of 70 percent or more. Even in ideal conditions, contrails rarely last more than 20 minutes – this is a plain lie. Check.
“artificial clouds and contrails can be manufactured under conditions of low humidity by dispensing particles from aircraft. The smaller the size of the nuclei introduced into the atmosphere, the greater the rate of artificial cloud formation”. – But it is also known that it can be done vastly more cheaply by salt spray from ocean-going ships. So why pick a dearer option?
Complete bullshit follows…
William Thomas quit discussing anything with me in a hurry. He and his back-off feature in my blog.

June 6, 2009 jazzroc:
Contrails are all made of the same materials and are formed in the same way, but exist for different lengths of time. Because of the differences in contrail “life-spans”, contrails can be divided into three groups: short-lived, persistent (non-spreading), and persistent spreading.
Short-lived contrails look like short white lines following along behind the plane, disappearing almost as fast as the airplane goes across the sky,perhaps lasting only a few minutes or less. The air that the airplane is passing through is somewhat moist, and there is only a small amount of water vapor available to form a contrail. The ice particles that do form quickly return again to a vapor state.
Persistent (non-spreading) contrails look like long white lines that remain visible after the airplane has disappeared. This shows that the air where theairplane is flying is quite humid, and there is a large amount of water vapor available to form a contrail. Persistent contrails can be further divided into two classes: those that spread and those that don’t. Persistent contrails look like long, narrow white pencil-lines across the sky.
Persistent spreading contrails look like long, broad, fuzzy white lines. This is the type most likely to affect climate because they cover a larger area and last longer than short-lived or persistent contrails.
Because contrails are formed at high altitudes where the winds are usually very strong, they will move away from the area where they originated. Often, when we look up into the sky, we will see old persistent contrails that formed far away but moved overhead because of the wind.
Contrails are “human-induced” clouds since they are formed by water vapor condensing and freezing on particles from airplane exhaust. Contrails are always made of ice particles, due to the very cold temperatures at high altitude. Other types of clouds can be formed by water vapor that condenses on particles which are present in the atmosphere due to many sources, such as from volcanoes or dust storms, not specifically from aircraft exhaust. Those clouds are sometimes made of water droplets, and sometimes ice crystals, depending on the temperature where they form.
Contrails only form at very high altitudes (usually above 8 km) where the air is extremely cold (less than -40 degrees C).

Other clouds can form at a range of altitudes, from very close to the ground, such as fog, to very high off the ground, such as cirrus clouds.
Contrails were first noticed during high-altitude flights in the 1920’s. However, interest in contrails really blossomed during WWII when bombers could be sighted from miles away. In fact, numerous WWII veteran accounts tell of problems to aviation due to massive contrail formations. Planes could not find their targets, and sometimes collided with each other. In 1953, a scientist named H. Appleman published a chart that can be used to  determine when a jet airplane would or would not produce a contrail.


June 6, 2009 Kelly Mahan Jaramillo:
Funny, when I consulted my magic 8 ball, it predicted that you would respond in this exact fashion. 
I am sure William Thomas quit discussing anything with you in a hurry. How can anyone discuss anything with you when all you do is discredit everyone except your own sources? You don’t discuss, you dismiss. At this point I am speaking from experience with you, and you have become a bore.

June 7, 2009 Kelly Mahan Jaramillo: Fully aware of what a contrail is, thank you. Again, fully aware of what a contrail is. Thank you. In case you did not quite understand, I understand what a contrail is. Thank you. Contrails are not the topic. Thank you.

June 7, 2009 jazzroc:
That Rense stuff all falls down. The radar images are of heavy clouds, and there’s NO link to aluminum and silica on the opposite side of the continent – which is very likely to have been wind-blown soil. Have you lost all reason?
Sure, you “know about contrails”.
Then WHY are you claiming this: “Persistent spreading contrails look like long, broad, fuzzy white lines. This is the type most likely to affect climate because they cover a larger area and last longer than short-lived or persistent contrails. Because contrails are formed at high altitudes where the winds are usually very strong, they will move away from the area where they originated. Often, when we look up into the sky, we will see old persistent contrails that formed far away but moved overhead because of the wind.” to be “chemtrails”?

June 7, 2009 jazzroc:
“On a busy day,” McCallum said, “with the right atmospheric conditions, these aircraft will form contrails that could accumulate and remain in the sky for hours. The Canadian forces and the Government of Canada have not been involved in activities such as you describe in your letter, nor would we allow any other party to conduct any form of aerial activity that could endanger the health of Canadian citizens.”
THAT is the sensible part of this.

June 7, 2009 jazzroc:

“Very sinister looking tubes, but why are half of them facing the wrong way?
The plane is not for spraying the atmosphere, it’s for sampling the atmosphere. It’s a research aircraft, registration N701BN, operated by the department of energy’s national labs. It’s pretty much one of a kind, so it’s hardly likely to be responsible for all the persistent contrails we see every day. The research is mostly on pollutants in the atmosphere, particularly from coal and oil burning power plants. But they also investigate the properties of clouds, which includes contrails.”

June 7, 2009  jazzroc:
“Your articles on chemtrails are pure fantasy. I worked for a gas turbine engine manufacturer for 10 years in engineering. The fuel purity requirements are extremely tight for jet fuel. No commercial airline would dream of sacrificing millions of dollars worth of engines to support some crazy government depop. plot. For every pound of fuel burned you get almost a pound of water vapor which at 30,000 feet and -60 F freezes to form, guess what, ice crystals – in cloud-like contrails. When there are on average 7,000 commercial aircraft in the air over the US every day that is a lot of water vapor. If they were trying to burn a heavy particle load in the fuel the engine fuel nozzles and hydromechanical fuel controls would plug up causing shutdowns and failures not good for the safety of passengers or the bottom line.

Follow the money man and do some homework!” Doug A


“most of the chemtrail spraying platforms are robotic craft under complete computer guidance.”


June 7, 2009 jazzroc:


This a phoney Photoshopped forgery, typical of the site it’s in.

June 7, 2009 jazzroc:
“Dr. Rosalie Bertell is a world famous radiation scientist who can be trusted. She says electromagnetic weapons have the ability to transmit effects such as earthquake induction across intercontinental distances to any selected target site on the globe with force levels equivalent to major nuclear explosions.”

HAARP has a gigawatt of power. To apply the force of Hiroshima’s SMALL nuclear bomb (10 Kiloton) to “earthquake induction” it would (if it were 100% efficient) have to work flat out for sixty-nine weeks!
THAT shows exactly how ridiculous her claims are.
In all civility, you are being mislead by fraudsters, charlatans, crooks, and people with Alzheimers, down a path of misery and disorder, due to your own ignorance.
Please do not lead others down this same path.

June 7, 2009 jazzroc:
From William Thomas: “SmT gazed in disbelief at another schoolbook picture showing a helicopter seeding the ocean with iron particles. These desperate “IronX” experiments did indeed trigger plankton “blooms” that, in turn, transferred tons of atmospheric C02 underwater as those carbon-inhaling critters eventually died and sank to the seafloor.
But – oops! – his kid’s science book fails to mention that the resulting ocean blooms also sucked all available oxygen from the seawater, suffocating all marine life in massive, spreading “dead zones”. [Chemtrails Confirmed ’04]“

So once more this pseudo-science “journalist” relies on “Chemtrails Confirmed” for his clincher. (That’s rather like asking a burglar to fix your door-lock!)
There are thousands of species of ocean phytoplankton. The majority of them photosynthesize airborne CO2 to sugars, liberating oxygen, exactly as green land plants do. Thus injecting an iron compound with a specific gravity similar to that of sea-water (so that it remains in the top 100 meters of solar-illuminated ocean) would help to oxygenate the planet – if that were ever to become necessary. Of course, one wouldn’t use helicopters, but it would a good use of ocean-going supertankers. A helicopter might be used for a small local test, because small sea organisms respond rapidly (within hours) to feeding.
There are also, however, ocean-going anaerobic phytoplanktons. They are blue or red in color, and are a small minority of the whole. They respond better to high sea temperatures, deplete oxygen (just as we and fungi do) and would suffocate oxygen breathing life wherever they were in the majority. Their numbers are kept low by the oxygen liberated by the more prolific denizens of the sunlit shallows.
Scientists know about all of these things, and would NOT go out there to create such apocryphal accidents “cooked up” by “Chemtrails Confirmed”.
Only ignorance leads you to believe such rubbish. It’s a bit like arguing that scientists invented fertilizers on land that killed the contents of a greenhouse with poisonous mushrooms. But that wouldn’t be tried would it – because gardeners everywhere would laugh them down.
Those experiments are no more “desperate” than fertilizing soil. I’m an organic permaculturalist by preference, but that wouldn’t stop me adding iron and other trace elements to my soil if I thought it needed it. The same goes for the mineral-deficient centres of all Earth’s oceans.
It’s merely commonsense, and SCIENCE.

June 7, 2009 jazzroc:
Tomas Hradcky: “By the way, an original idea of your own would be nice once and a while.”

Here’s a few: http://www.reverbnation.com/jazzroc – enjoy! 


Hi kiwibro25! – “Jazzroc is a spook” – Yep. Secret as hell. Check my website here – the first song is for YOU

“trying to cover up the truth” – Oh yep. You found me out. On myspace.com/jazzroc, was it? The one with pictures of me and my family, my daughter’s wedding, my photography, my composed jazz and rock music, my transcribed and synthesized classical music, my blogs on contrails/volcanoes, “intelligent” design, tory canvassers, and religion?

“he’s probably working for the govt” – Damn. Where’s my money? (Don’t you know its very rude to talk past people?)

“chemtrails are very real & very dangerous” – Let’s see…

Morgellons can’t be coming out of the engines (2,000 degrees C), and barium/aluminum can’t be coming out of the engines

A single/shot would require 3.4 MILLION TONS, a silver single/shot works out at 8.5 MILLION DOLLARS. ? – ER, NO

“dont believe the misleading bullshit” – YET AGAIN, SCIENCE IS BULLSHIT

“this guy types” – THE TRUTH. AT LAST! (Another rude guy who talks past you!)  



“I’m not convinced chemtrails are contrails. I suspect that people like JazzRoc are paid disinformation agents because of their methods and misleading tactics. I could be totally wrong and it would be wonderful if chemtrails didn’t exist, but from my personal experience and from hearing other people talk, makes me think otherwise. What do you think? Please post an intelligent comment about what you think of JazzRoc and others like him and not just an insult 🙂

I have received lots of messages about other debunkers on youtube. Many people suspect they are the SAME person using different profiles. Here is a list of profiles that people think JazzRoc also goes by:



If you suspect other profiles he is using please post it in the comments or message me.”

The COMMENTS section is interesting:

deepwatertree – almost forgot about a user name: coachgreywolf.  So anyways, picture this…what if all these accounts are created and monitored by artificial intelligence programs that have been given the ability to converse like humans and respond to questions or statements? Why not…this would be the perfect place to test such systems…google IS big brother, ya know? Check out the following video on you tube, and see what you think…”Artificial General Intelligence: Now Is the Time” – MUCH LOVE TO ALL MY EARTH PEOPLE FAMILY! – DEATH TO THE MACHINES THAT CONTROL US! Okay, here is my theory:

Jazzroc, EarlMcCrackin, MrPayt, and all of these other “users” are not actually human. Think about it…can there really be THAT many guys that get paid to sit at a desk all day and post disinfo comments on truth seekers pages? Some of these accounts have only been active for a few months, yet “they” have viewed thousands and thousands of videos…is it humanly possible to watch that many videos AND respond back and forth? Unless they sit there for 20 hours a day, I doubt it.  (NO!)

Silentkill666 – lol I wish I got paid…

Apocalypticscreams  – Well, here’s two more to go on your list: imi72  &  blackcatcrying.   Hi, I’m putting together a list of all accounts on YT that I suspect are agents and paid trolls. Is it ok if I use your list of Jazzrocs fake accounts? 

awakekiwi  – i sent this below to jazzroc: hey man, you say youve studied science yet you think that depleted uranium is harmless in the field. i guess that says it all, your an idiot or living in denial or your just paid to sound like an idiot, either way.. your your own worst enemy! sniggle.. 🙂 

dbootsthediva  – Another person that I believe to be a debunker Spook is SENTRYNOX. Jazzroc is an evil person for his persistent posts in helping the government and the media to continue to cover up these chemtrails and the harmful effects it has on the entire population of the Planet. Jazzroc is a prime example of a paid debunker, whose job is to go around and post on all the damning evidence of the YOUTUBE videos the entire world is posting in which to try and deter others from the truth. Here is a video link to one of the videos Jazzroc posted many replys of probably scripted lines the government hands him to type, just like they hand out what stories the media is to report on. Can’t post the link I think so the comment is on the user name of DARGONTeraAlpha Name of video is ChemTrails: What are they?  /watch?v=5TKKtjxTO3g this is the last part of the lint after the / 

mish6874  – On my vid chemtarils uk government admits deadly spraying, ‘TheFlange666‘ has been rather busy trying to tell people that chemtails are nothing more than car exaust and we are all using chemtails as a reason not to own up and take our responsibility for polluting the planet. Don’t know if it is jazzroc but a possible disinfo agent.

ozobezleebSilentkill666, maybe a new jazztwat.

greenmts – BLOCK & DELETE.

sirbadman – Hey guys, I got an email from jazzroc that was calling me a liar and slimeball disinformation artist or something similiar. It is probably because I posted elsewhere for users to have a look at this page. In the email he detailed information about himself and then asked me what I had done apart from “lie”. I have since blocked him from contacting me but I think there is something wrong with him asking me for information about myself – and using inflammatory writing to perhaps provoke me into revealing such information. Has anyone else had anything similar? 

newton2013 – If he grew up around base – “army brat”…Then his information is from, the information circles that he would encounter in that environment. He does say..”A high achiever at school. I was a “forces brat”, so travelled around the UK and abroad” They have re-educated those in the field. He lives on the field, so what do you expect. I wonder, for instance, he thinks Depleted Uranium is a harmless substance that can be left on a battlefield without causing harm to future generations. He’s not necessarily paid to do what he’s doing, It may just be a function of what his being has been taught in that environment. His argument must be right after all, he’s all into guarding the most powerful country on the planet, and he grew up there- How could the information he has be wrong… eh? My Opinion.  (Grrr – a big fat LIE!)

4absurdity – thanks for your message! yes it’s completely obvious that jazzrock is a fake. why should someone copy paste the same comment to about every chemtrail video? and why should he want to communicate with us, when he thinks that er are all nuts? so much effort to heal some paranoids from their point of view?! that he is using different accounts completes the picture 😉 

givemeabreakgivemeabJazzroc will just waste your time and energy. I learned the hard way by engaging him in a discussion about a video I made. He trolls the web and posts the same “soda pop” crap to initiate never-ending arguments. He attacks anyone who suggests that chemtrails may not be simple contrails. His tactic is to bombard you with “scientific evidence”, he refers to his own website as proof and responds with a barrage of insults and bizarre accusations (such as “you are either uneducated or evil”) which derail any reasonable discussion. Classic misdirection. The only logical explanation for his behavior is he is paid to do this. Spread the word. 

badInvention – Ive seen planes flying the same altitude, one leaving a small contrail,the the other a huge trail of “ice crystalls” wich turns into a cloud of haze. This can not make any sense. All planes fly a specific flight route, the same path, just at different heights (according to air traffic regulations). Why do we have chess boards strung across our skies? why do these planes circle my town? (I do not even live close to an airport, that they might have to circle) Not to mention the dangarous flight behavior of these chembirds. Why do my eyes burn and my chest hurt on a “contrail” hazed up day ? Why does flora at home suffer from something that looks like chemical burn marks? someone out there wants to make us very weak and sick. 

Zigga12345Jazz Rock sucks cock, he chats the same crap over and over, i think he could be a piece of shit.

kissthisguy88 – Thanks for the message and creating the profile. Most people that have chemtrail videos don’t realize that they can silence debunkers like jazzroc. The best thing to do is block him and delete everything he has written. Don’t even brother to have an exchange with him. Believe me, block and delete will stop him cold in his tracks. AND other people new to chemtrails that might be watching for the first time don’t have to read his BS. Thanks to YouTube for giving video makers powerful tools like block and delete.

sirbadman – Aah so mister Jazzroc received some dirty money to set up his website and is using deceptive methods in youtube. Thanks heaps for your help in debunking the contrail con artist. So what is up with these chem trails then? And why are so many people convinced they are harmless?

Apocalypticscreams  – Thanks for the heads-up, I had my suspicions about him but never realised he had multiple accounts. If that is the case he is 100% a paid disinfo agent. No one would spend so much time “debunking” chemtrails if they knew it to be a load of crap, they (the three lettered agencies) only roll out the COINTELPRO, disinfo monkeys when people are getting too close for comfort. I see this as an own goal by the trolls and spooks: the more they try debunking chemtrails, the more credibility and reason to carry on with raising awareness they give us. Well done Jazzroc, you shot yourself in the foot. 

Blackheart77ceJazz is a shill. Everything Jazz says is refutable, but that’s a waste of time. He will get a new name and keep trolling. If you see him, point him out. The damage some people do to truth can only be minimized. Keep passing along the truth despite people like Jazz! 

BaZooKa4314 – I had to comment because if you pay attention and keep an open mind you will notice all sorts of things that are going on in this world. Informing yourself and listening to what other people have to say can tell you a lot more about what IS going on that what you hear on the news. I am free to make my own opinions on matters the same as anybody else, I am free to state that opinion in any way abiding the law. I don’t have much to say about jazroc except that his opinions seem to be more for disproving someone elses opinions and there IS something to be said about that…… 

WhereIsTruth – how can you have any level of intelligence and not see what chemtrails are…once they are pointed out to you. i mean come on…there are shots with one plane spraying while another similar plane at the same basic altitude is leaving no contrail at all. this is the clearest EVIL act the EVILDOERS are doing. 

drewswebsite  – First, epoxynous showed up in my CHEMTRAILS video #1 comments section, going on about contrails and chemtrails being the same, etc.. I called him out as a either ignorant or on the job. Then this same attitude and mindset shows back up in the comments section only this time the screenname is “timmcal“. And then “jazzroc” Same exact MO. All three veritable ROCKET SCIENTISTS!! LOL More like the THREE STOOGES… only not funny… 

diecrewdeluks – looks like we need to put jazzrock to the sword you fucking asshole haha him and dreamlandnightmare shoudl get married lmao 

RonBaggerman – whatever he is, he’s someone without a life…..i think he’s all of the above. but for sure he’s dangerous in the sense that he surely confuses and intimidates some people. anyway the anti chemtrail movement is growing day by day here in holland and everywhere around the world. it’s all about consciousness,,,,,as yogi bear said: if you start to look, then it’s amazing what you can see. check my CT vids.

jefflettis – I think he is either a spook or a mind controlled goofball. He is also posting on Morgellens videos that mention a link to chemtrails. I go out and look up in the sky practically every day and see them spraying. I’ve called the EPA and got no response. 

HumildeHumanojazzroc is a debunker robot. Fuck debunkers ! Fuck the system ! Fuck chemtrailers ! Fuck New World Order ! Fuck New Age ! Free Human !

ozobezleeb – What ever this jazzprick say’s is pointless, Chemtrails are true, they are happening every day, and soon will be taken on by all as fact. 

Skywitness – Unfortunately jazzroc is a spook who appears to have sold his soul to his NWO handlers. His purpose is to confuse, discourage, and to try and create doublemindedness within everyone who is searching for the truth concerning chemtrails. Video evidence for chemtrails, remains stronger than any of the disinfo words that come from jazzroc and the other spooks in his club. 

Matteo42Jazzroc can lick my asshole. 

JusticePistoff – I think that’s some badass fighter on jazzroc’s page. Can’t say I’ve seen that before. I guess being a spook does have its benefits.

howler monkey

howler monkey



Food shortage is being created by creating drought, killing bees not just with spray, but also by fooling with electromagnetics of the atmosphere, animals dying everywhere of foot-in-mouth, blue tongue, rift valley virus, a goat 2 days ago of anthrax, pigs in vietnam a few days ago from an unknown new respiratory illness, and then there’s the bird flu.

The thing is, jbreezes, that these things have been on Earth for the best part of 4 BILLION YEARS.

Sometimes, methinks, it appears that the only NEW phenomena are the NWO and YOU. Now why don’t YOU BOTH “die everywhere of foot-in-mouth, blue tongue, rift valley virus“.

foot-in-mouth” you CERTAINLY have…


John Aytche

Why, John, if you wish to debate with me, do you use an anonymous email address?


1.) Great photo. Where did you get it? It looks too good to be true. Maybe it has been PhotoShopped?

It was part of a set of forty pictures taken by a professional photographer.

2.) I did a search for the weblink/photo on Google, and there were no hits for the “jeffwell.jpg”. I even checked out Airliners.net and there was no photo there either!

It probably DID come from airliners.net. Try http://contrailscience.com

Uncinus writes: “On June 12 2005 from 14:59 to 15:06 Bejing time (~07:00 UTC) pilot and photographer Jeff Well took a series of 45 photos of an exceptionally colourful iridescent contrail produced by an A340-313X aircraft in 9600 m (31,500 feet) altitude, just 1200 m higher as his position on the same route over eastern China.”

3.) Your explination of “Burst Condensation” contardicts your assertions on how/when contrails are made coming out of the turbofan jet engine.

Yes. That’s because there are two entirely different sets of events taking place: the first is the condensation of steam into ice particles, the second the burst condensation of supercooled droplets of water over the point of minimum pressure (and maximum cooling) just ahead and above the maximum wing chord – on its topside. Learn to spell.

4.) The size progression of the supercooled water vapor: does it remain water vapor, or does it turn into ice? — you know, since it’s “supercooled”.

It isn’t vapor at all: it is a “Burst frozen” cloud of droplets of super-cooled water which are picking up more molecules of water out of the marginally-supersaturated air.

WIKI says: “Supercooling or Supercooled water is the process of lowering the temperature of a liquid below its freezing point, without it becoming a solid or a gas.

A liquid below its standard freezing point will crystallize in the presence of a seed crystal or nucleus around which a crystal structure can form. However, lacking any such nucleus, the liquid phase can be maintained all the way down to the temperature at which crystal homogeneous nucleation occurs. The homogeneous nucleation can occur above the glass transition where the system is an amorphous, that is, non-crystalline solid.

Water can freeze at 273.15 K (0 °C or 32 °F) but it can also be supercooled at standard pressure down to its crystal homogeneous nucleation at almost 231 K (−42 °C). If cooled at a rate on the order of 106 K/s, the crystal nucleation can be avoided and water becomes a glass. Its glass transition temperature is much colder and harder to determine, but studies estimate it at about 165 K (−108 °C). Glassy water can be heated up to approximately 150 K (−123 °C).[1] In the range of temperatures between 231 K (−42 °C) and 150 K (−123 °C) experiments find only crystal ice.

Droplets of supercooled water often exist in stratiform and cumulus clouds. They form into ice when they are struck by the wings of passing airplanes and abruptly crystallize. (This causes problems with lift, so aircraft that are expected to fly in such conditions are equipped with a deicing system.) Freezing rain is also caused by supercooled droplets.”

5.) When they increase in size they run through a progression of light frequencies? How does size relate to light frequency?

They are very small in size, and as they increase in size they “match” the interference properties of various wavelengths of the sunlight passing through them. That’s my opinion.

6.) To interfere means the lack of synergy, thus the result is “refraction”.

You’re wrong here. There is nothing “frictional” about interference. The physics paper that makes this case quite completely argues for a refractive process, and even manages a credible simulation.

7.) Petroleum has the rainbow characteristic you mention — You know, mix gas (in this case, kerosene) with water and what do you see? A rainbow effect… Duh! And wouldn’t you know, jet fuel is petroleum based…

Then this physics paper would be wasted on YOU.


All the properties of super-saturated air indicate that it must be pure. The phenomenon, if you hadn’t noticed, starts at the point of maximum cooling, which is just forward of the maximum wing chord, on the top surface of the wing, in PURE (but supersaturated) AIR. Not a LIKELY point to start “spraying” is it, right under the passengers’s eyes! (But actually the droplet size is probably too fine to be visible over the wing.)

8.) Burst Condensation relates to marine life, as explained in many abstracts on the subject. Jazzroc, you are slowly coming unraveled from the onslaught of proof we “chemtrailers” have provided, and thus have shown that you are nothing mors than a bald-faced liar. And what is so great, is that you will delete this post, giving me the last word!

So I checked by typing “burst condensation” into Google… and this is what immediately rolled out:

  1. An analysis of rapid increases in condensation nuclei …

    Massive bursts in condensation nuclei (CN) concentration were recorded at a … In a previous paper the burst phenomenon was linked to the movement of the …
    cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=1879678 – Similar pages
    by JL GRENFELL1999
    Cited by 24Related articlesAll 8 versions

  2. Generalization of an asymptotic model for constant-rate aerosol …

    Key words: aerosol, asymptotic, burst, condensation, nucleation. 1. Introduction … and condensation to both be important during a nucleation burst. …
    http://www.springerlink.com/index/W4862551P4134428.pdfSimilar pages
    by BD Shaw2003
    Related articlesAll 4 versions

  3. Chronological Development of Shallow Underwater Burst

    For an underwater burst at moderate (or great) depth, essentially all of the … The descent of water and spray from the column and from condensation in the …
    http://www.cddc.vt.edu/host/atomic/nukeffct/undrwtr.html – 12k – CachedSimilar pages

  4. JST Failure Knowledge Database > Case Details > Burst of a …

    Top > Case Details > Burst of a phenolic resin reactor due to abnormal … Condensation became insufficient because the tubes of the condenser were blocked. …
    shippai.jst.go.jp/en/Detail?fn=0&id=CC1000101& – 29k – CachedSimilar pages

  5. [PPT]

    Bose-Einstein Condensation Lesson

    File Format: Microsoft Powerpoint – View as HTML
    CU’s section on Bose-Einstein Condensation can be found at: …. Why burst energy and how. much? Why is there a cold remnant. afterwards? …
    phet.colorado.edu/admin/get-contribution-file.php?contribution_file_id=708 – Similar pages

marine life, as explained in many abstracts on the subject”, eh?

As you can see, there’s nothing to do with live sea creatures, only something to do with the opposite of what you indicate. In other words, you are a liar, which is why you find yourself here…


re your second letter. It concerns material found at the site below:
which refers to this picture on airliners.net.
In the comments on this page Uncinus and I had this conversation:
on 29 Aug 2008 at 8:50 am jazzroc

“Very pretty. But what is it? It’s clearly not a regular exhaust contrail, as the trail seems to start actually ON the wing, and it has a weird rainbow effect you don’t find in exhaust contrails.”
Hi Uncinus. There are TWO elements to what you see. The first (starting at the wing) is the aerodynamic element, as the pressure drop above the wing initiates the precipitation of fine ice crystals into the air. The second is the exhaust water from the jets which is condensing directly into ice crystals. The aircraft is flying high in a partly super-satured stratospheric layer, and the picture wasn’t taken from sea level – because the sky is BLACK. (I can appreciate that a modicum of photographic contrast and colour saturation modification has taken place.)
“It’s actually an aerodynamic contrail. It’s formed by the reduction of pressure in the air as it moves over the wing. When the pressure of a gas falls, then its temperature also falls (the same principle as is used by your refrigerator). The reduced temperature cause small drops of water to condense, which then may freeze. The drops get larger as more water condenses on them. The different sized drops refract water by different amounts, which accounts for the “rainbow” effect.”
Well, I’ve covered that it’s TWO effects. I wish to argue strongly that your “growing water droplets” is way off. What were you thinking? You KNOW that the temperatures of the stratosphere don’t rise above freezing point until far above normal aircraft flight altitudes!
The effect (and its mostly visible on the aircraft exhaust ices due to their relative abundance here) is due to INTERFERENCE – not refraction.
Due to stratospheric super-saturation, the crystals are progressively growing in size as the agglomerate more ice from the “excess” water vapour.
As they progressively GROW in thickness (they’re flat hexagonal crystals), they also progressively INTERFERE with specific light frequencies. So you are “bound” to get a rainbow-like effect. Not only that, but subsets of these frequencies will “come around again”, so you’ll get two or three “rainbows”. But as they larger, the crystals get more “exotic” in shape, and degrade this initially “pure” physical phenomenon, until after a quarter of a mile the effect is gone – scattered away.
At high cruising speeds, the wave vortex of each wing isn’t as pronounced as it is at low speeds and higher angles of attack, but here you CAN see that the tip vortices are “coming inboard” as they follow the aircraft’s wave vortex.

on 29 Aug 2008 at 9:21 am Uncinus

The reason I was talking about growing water droplets was mostly to address the low-level aerodynamic contrails, such as those seen in the video. They can form where it is too warm for ice to form.
Regarding “what I was thinking”, my explanation is partially cribbed from the Gieren poster:
Which is actually from a paper on the sequence of photos from which this one was taken. In the poster they say: The ice crystal size distributions (solid curves) are generated from homogeneous freezing of liquid aerosol droplets (dashed). The smallest droplets freeze first, followed by freezing of larger droplets, until all available aerosol particles are depleted .… Mie theory was used to calculate optical properties from the size distributions,
assuming spherical ice particles. It then explains this exact color distribution, which matches his assumptions. “Refraction” was probably wrong, I’ve changed the text slightly to reflect “different optical properties”. The formation of aerodynamic contrails is a very different process to exhaust contrails, it’s not fully understood, but it’s not surpising that the resultant crystals can be very different.

As for where the photo was taken:
On June 12 2005 from 14:59 to 15:06 Bejing time (~07:00 UTC) pilot and photographer Jeff Well took a series of 45 photos of an exceptionally colourful iridescent contrail produced by an A340-313X aircraft in 9600 m (31,500 feet) altitude, just 1200 m higher as his position on the same route over eastern China.
I must admit though, I’m not exactly clear if liquid water can exist at that altitude and temperature, even for the fraction of a second he implies. Deposition (the opposite of sublimation) seems more in keeping with what I’ve read.

on 29 Aug 2008 at 9:51 am jazzroc

Haha, so I was right about the photo!
I read the pdf AFTER I’d posted, and with some trepidation, when I realized the solemnity of the source!
But I now suspect they also hadn’t properly considered the temperatures involved, and that also the solid ice deposition and accretion would produce by interference the same sequence (in effect) as their results demonstrated – including the scattering they mentioned.
If exhaust steam at 1100 deg C cools down a 1000 degrees to visibility, hence changing phase to liquid at 100 degrees taking out 540 Kcal/gram in a fraction of a second, I cannot see how it could waste much time at all making a second phase change to solid at 0 degrees taking out only 80 Kcal/gram and dropping a further 30 degrees.
The strange nature of the ice trail leading from the trailing edge of the wing hold’s one’s attention, doesn’t it? It is “backlit” by reflected sunlight off the top of the wing, as well as lit by sunlight from above.
Quite a show. As ever, your site is superb…

on 29 Aug 2008 at 11:24 am Uncinus

I think this paper explains the situation better. Note Figure 1 in this paper is a photo of the same plane taken at around the same time.


They estimate the temperature at 241K (-25F), which is rather different to the -40C they mention in the poster. At that temperature, water can exist as liquid supercooled droplets that only freeze when they get to a certain size.

It does seem to be all explained in the paper. A bit complicated though.

on 29 Aug 2008 at 4:10 pm jazzroc

You are right about it being “a bit complicated”, but I’m grateful for the complexity. Personally, to fully understand and master THAT would take me about a month of eight-hour days in a technical library. I shan’t be doing it, but thanks.
It’s interesting that this rare phenomenon will become less rare in the future, as more flights will take place along the Pacific Ring, where warmer and more humid conditions are to be found.
I like the way they considered the trail in depth and breadth, and made distinctions between particle sizes, and considered simplifications (!) to get their results. Also the discussion of the pre-conditioning of the aerosol particles by previous flights, and their relevance to GW and albedo modification.
They are right. You are right. A brilliant science paper of 54 pages. I’m off to eat some words…
Notice it was conducted without any rudeness, snide remarks, or incivility.
If you study the material available to you in the links mentioned above you will become fully acquainted with aerodynamic contrails. I also recommend the links below, which will acquaint you with research and conclusions about persistent trails leading to permanent cirrus cloud formation.

Meanwhile, your comment was deleted because of its irrelevance and incivility (as I warned I would do in my blog foreword).



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“Every page to discredit the obvious” – Have you noticed that SCIENCE is the study of the “obvious”?
After all, the Sun OBVIOUSLY goes round the Earth, doesn’t it? No? Why not? Because scientists say it doesn’t. You believe them? Why?
You obviously don’t believe scientists who say that persistent contrails are natural – here.


“I wouldn’t trust contrailscience as I don’t know source of webpage” – Hypocrite. You seem to trust anyone else… (unless they are a scientist.)
“Even if the trails were contrails” – THEY ARE.
“passenger planes wouldn’t fly so close together and crisscross each other” – They may LOOK CLOSE from SEVEN MILES AWAY, but THEY ARE NOT. If you look at the tens of thousands of daily US flights, they cross hundreds of thousands of times.
“These are not passenger planes” – THEY ARE. ALL the planes in CLOSE-UP on these videos have been.
“massive amount of anti-conspiracy theory commentry that’s been posted in the last few months” – DOING MY BEST…
“they have people” – THEY DON’T HAVE ME – myspace.com/jazzroc
“trying to re-assure the public” – UNDOING THE WORK OF LIARS.
“It’s their new propaganda trick” – I know WHO I am and WHAT YOU ARE (SEE ABOVE).
“Planes flying all directions no apparent reason” – close to an airport, or at a beacon intersection…
“We know where airports are & where commuter jets are headed” – AND the prevailing stratospheric wind direction?
“JETS DON’T TURN AT 30,000 FT/already ON COURSE” – THEY DO at beacons, THEY DO in holding patterns. They are routed down “corridors” and must turn when they enter or leave them.
“Dude, we’re watching them” – But NOT UNDERSTANDING THEM.
“BS you are spewing worth it?” – Once again, established well-known sixty-years-old ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE is described as BULLSHIT by an ignorant fool.
Yogurt and berries
“no, you’re wrong” – oh, YEAH. 😀
“round all the chemtrail videos” – I WISH. 😦
“don’t want us to believe we are being poisoned THAT BAD?” – NO. I HATE PEOPLE MAKING A LIVING BY LIES. Belief in such LIES makes you WEAK, and susceptible to ANY REAL DANGER.  😦
“Good Samaritan?” – Compared with YOGHURTS who’ve never read a Physics textbook in their lifetime, YES!  🙂


Now you’ve got to the end of my blog, and especially if you haven’t read through it from the beginning (sort of proving you ARE a yogurt), then perhaps it’s time for you to begin at the beginning – at the INTRODUCTION.

There you will find my STOP PRESS which points you to each new article as it arrives in my blog.

Aircraft take-off from Tenerife Sur in Kalima - photo by JazzRoc

YouTube 1

A moment in time…

I can’t find the post I had in my comments box this AM but i will reply to the ridiculous nonsense right here. I’m not “picking on” children. I’m replying to disrespectful brats.
I paid VERY good money for my education and when ANYONE questions what I know to be fact, they are going to get an earful (an eyeful in this case).
“Chemtrails” are nonsense and 12 year old brats are NOT going to get away with calling me “dumb” when they are, in fact, ignorant.
Just like you.

CHEMSPRAY ALERT.  Massive white spray over Pennsylvania!  Check out this video to prove it!

Chemtards do exist, Just type in “apophenia” into google.
Also look up “delusional paranoia”.
You can see that clouds can be formed by planes.  Clouds are made of water, Contrails are made of water.  There is NO DIFFERENCE in content or physics between a cloud and a contrail because as is KNOWN TO SCIENCE, a CONTRAIL IS A CLOUD BY DEFINITION.
Who is stupid now? You!
Right, so a rocket is going to be fired into the high upper atmosphere over 70,000ft and as the lead scientists says, “It’s never been done before”.
That single small rocket doing an unprecedented scientific test, that’s what all these thousands of aircraft trails are every day are they?
Rockets as part of the Care program?  The B17 bomberfleets that caused complete clouding over Europe in the 1940s, They are rockets from CARE ?
You tards can’t reason!
Chemtrails do exist. Just type it in google. Also look up. You can see that the clouds are formed by planes. I’m not kidding!

It’s fact that pilots and scientists do know “chemtrails” exist.
A rocket experiment set to launch Tuesday aims to create artificial clouds at the outermost layers of Earth’s atmosphere.
The project, called the Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE), plans to trigger cloud formation around the rocket’s exhaust particles. The clouds are intended to simulate naturally-occurring phenomena called noctilucent clouds, which are the highest clouds in the atmosphere. Who’s stupid now?
That’s ridiculous! Want to hear something even more outrageous?  Its not us!
And morons who believe that persistent contrails are “chemtrails” claim that they contain poisons with the intent to reduce the world’s population.. ie.. murder.  They claim they are spreading dangerous viruses and diseases like “morgellons” and other ridiculous rubbish.
So you saying you believe that what are in fact water ice contrails are, contrary to all evidence, dangerous “chemtrails” means you are accusing the airline pilots that leave the trails of attempted murder.
Then if you don’t think you know more than pilots and scientists then you are stupid for saying you think chemtrails exist.
Pilots and atmospheric scientists know as a fact there is no such thing as “chemtrails”.  What you are seeing is persistent contrails.. Water ice, ie, fine snow!  The only “chemical” is WATER…
By saying you believe they are chemtrails therefore means you disagree with scientists who know it is water ice crystals.

I want to know the numbers of people who died due to contrail activity…. besides chemtrails are last years news, its chemwakes we have to worry about.

I know. I really do believe in chemtrails. I finally opened my mind and most of all, my EYES.
Chemtrails do exist. Google them.
 Perhaps you kids can run along and talk about kittens on a kiddies forum and leave discussion of atmospheric science to adults.

If you want to understand what you see in the sky, ask your mummies to drive you to the nearest airport and actually talk about contrails to real airline pilots and airline meteorology staff who understand these things, not hicks from rural backwaters who haven’t a clue about the atmosphere.

Morons who accuse pilots of murder are the ones who should be kicked off youtube.

Who are you to talk HenryLoaf? You are to busy talking stupid and mean to kids to talk about the video. Why are you here on this video when you ignore it? Let me know when you grow a brain.

If you are going to try to accuse people of attempted murder than you need evidence to back it up.  You have zero evidence!  You are young and stupid.

I want to know the numbers of people who died due to contrail activity…  besides chemtrails are last years news, it’s chemwakes we have to worry about.

But if FightForYourRights gets kicked off YouTube he will only come back as somebody else. I think he was two new people here on this vid this week. I wonder why he doesn’t tell the person who made this video that they are wrong.

I think they are right.

That could be true but i think youtube can kick them off for good if they are breaking rules.

I’ll tell you what is breaking the rules.  You stupid children defaming innocent airline pilots flying normal airliners saying they are trying to kill with “chemtrails”.  Because you are young and ignorant you have no idea of the physics of what you are seeing in the sky.
Did you know water vapour is invisible?
Did you know clear blue sky can contain more water than cloudy sky. Do you know why the sky is blue?
Do you know what snow is and why it doesn’t instantly disappear?
Contrails = fine snow. What would you know you kid?  You think you know more than all the world’s airline pilots and atmospheric scientists do you?
Because you you are 13 that means you understand atmospheric physics better than professors with multiple degrees that have been studying science for decades?  Is that what you are suggesting?
Why don’t you get a university education in science?  Then you might have a clue what you see in the sky.
Neither Bailey or me said anything about knowing more than pilots and scientists. Stop telling us what we think.
What kind of eduation do you have? If you have all of the degrees you say we should get then you are really old. Maybe that is it. You are old and senile.
Wow, i discovered that clouds are made of water, even though chemtards say that clouds made of water must instantly disappear.
When I learned that contrails are made of water and so can’t possibly stay in the sky, I learned that by the same reasoning clouds that are made of water can’t stay in the sky either.
If contrails can’t stay in the sky, clouds can’t stay in the sky.
How do clouds just get bigger forming over mountains?  Someone sprays them!  Logical isn’t it!
Ok fine I admit it.  Chemtrails are real.  I finally opened my damn eyes and saw what I thought was a contrail, turn into a cloud. It was a chemtrail.

Then later I noticed the entire sky was a hazy white within a half hour.  Chemtrails are real.
I don’t need to know all of that stuff to know a chemtrail when I see it. Do you know every single thing about what makes a car go?  Or do you just drive it?  Nobody is an expert at everything.
Do you know enough about the sun from just looking at it to know what it is?  No.
You need an understanding of science to realise it is many hundreds of times larger than any planet in our solar system and it powered by hydrogen fusion reactions.
“Just looking up” will not tell you morons anything!  Certainly you know nothing of contrails, you retards.
Some of us ARE experts in huge numbers of subjects, unlike chemtards.

HenryLeaf, the only thing you are an expert at is making people laugh.

There is nothing funnier than a moron scared of water like you guys.

You guys are SO ignorant of Atmospheric science you have no idea how funny you are, and how sad.
However I take back what I said before about vaccines.  Please don’t take any vaccines, not one.  Next please jump on a plane, ignore the persistent contrail, it will probably form on the flight, and go visit equatorial Africa and tropical Asia.  Walk in mud, pet animals you find.  greet people…

Awl, go create another retarded user id.

No, why don’t you go chat to fellow retards like your good buddy dbootsthediva?

You guys all do the same hoamskule lernin program?

I am thrilled that you got the vaccine! Too bad it isn’t the same shot that is to be given to dummies.  Still, there might be something in what you got that isn’t so nice. Just in case that is a fact, what kind of funeral flowers do you want? I know, pansies stapled to a photograph of CHEMTRAILS…

That sounds wonderful, the picture I’d like is this one of the British Airways Concorde. Taken from this footage.:

no wait, the trail from this Hercules at ground level

No , wait, the trail from this jetbelt:

Or perhaps these trails that can’t have existed because “spraying” didn’t happen till 1996.


The debate continues…

One side has already slipped in the habit of conforming to its belief set, with non-qualified pseudoscientists having already hammered in a “chain of evidense” which possesses not the slightest integrity, and is always based on untruthful assertions.  Probing this “chain” causes a change of subject. One can unpick every single statement individually, yet it makes not the slightest difference to the belief system of the average chemtard, er, moron, er, “chemtrailer”.

I will COLOR CODE their statements

PURPLE  means “barking mad”.

BLUE  means “science-based”.

GREEN  means “true, putatively, but not in general practice”, in spite of what the CTer insists.

ORANGE  means “inaccurate”.

RED  means “in flagrant contradiction with established science”.


So here’s a little video just for Rosalind Peterson.  You know Rosalind Peterson, the lady who you so revere for her years and years of research. The research that was so thorough she said planes don’t fly loops.  That is a fact she said that but you censor comments that prove how stupid and ignorant Peterson actually is.  Here is the explanation you both are so ignorant about!

The pathetic Darrin McBreen deletes comments that prove his ignorance is total.  He makes factually incorrect comments that displays ignorance of even basic atmospheric science.


American says: Hey Darrin you said “The time expected for contrail dissipation is relatively short, 2 minutes or less. This assumes the contrail is composed essentially of water vapor, per the classic definition”.  Seriously kid, you have had this video up for over a year and you still know FUCK-ALL about the atmosphere?  Water vapour is an INVISIBLE GAS.  You can’t see an INVISIBLE GAS because, gee, DUH Darrin, it’s invisible!  It’s water ICE CRYSTALS, like SNOW that lasts for DAYS, not 2 minutes.


That was a great vid, I wish my friends would wake up.  Thanx.  Stand Waiting…


We can probably engineer Earth’s climate to cool the planet, scientists say, but are we willing to live with the downsides?  Those could include creating more droughts, more ozone holes and, oh yeah, a thin cloud layer that obscures blue skies and gives astronomers fits.  Google search “Willing to give up blue skies for climate fix?” for MSNBC report.  NOAA lists more than fifty current and ongoing weather modification programs being implemented across the United States on a yearly basis. In addition to the programs listed by NOAA, there are private, university, military, and ongoing government sponsored atmospheric testing and heating programs underway in Alaska and across the United States.


Fantastic. The number of those programs that result in long white trails in the sky?  ZERO.  None of those programs have anything to do with persistent spreading contrails.  Do you see “chemtrails” in this 1959 footage?


ppl open ur eyes ffs! they are fucking you from behind!


Hey!  Beachcomber, trails are pure for the average acid popper.  But the molecular structure of these vapors need testing at various levels of dispersment.  The evolution of the consentrations within the trails could maintain integrity throughout their life cycle.  Vlad (The impaler) aka: Dracula, was a very real individual in Romania.  So can we assume there may be some sort of truth behind chemtrails?
Hey!  MediaRival, Well said.



The time expected for contrail dissipation is relatively short, 2 minutes or less.  This assumes the contrail is composed essentially of water vapor, per the classic definition (condensed trail).


Lab results from ground samples taken from 2 parties (Sacramento and Oregon) after flyovers from unmarked aircraft reveal biowarfare bacterias named in over 160 Pentagon patents referencing biowarfare applications, toxic molds, ethylene dibromide (a pesticide banned by the EPA which damages lungs/heart/liver/kidneys).


“Wearing down the immune system”.  At 7:20.  I wonder if this could make a relatively harmless virus, fatal. (H1N1).


One can only wish.  Trails are pure, purer than tapwater.  Every “minerals in water” incident has been botched as with KSLA.  Petersen’s work on groundwater solutes completely ignores the effect of drought on concentration.  In other words this whole subject runs on pseudoscience which takes its script from a fairground hawker.  It RELIES on and FOSTERS ignorance, but WITHERS before facts like Dracula before garlic.  Hence some facts.  It’s worth watching this creepiness wither…


“Contrails composed of water vapor routinely dissipate, as the physics and chemistry demonstrate. As a separate and distinct set of events, clouds may form if temperature, relative humidity, and aerosol conditions are favorable to their development.”  If “contrails” by appearance transform into “clouds”, it can be concluded that the material of composition is not water vapor.


Well said.


Youre looking at TWO atmospheres when you think you’re looking at ONE.  The first is the one you know.  It’s called the troposphere, it’s cyclonic and anti-cyclonic, precipitates rain, snow and ice crystals, unstable, permeated by rising convective columns (cumulus clouds, etc) and becomes progressively colder and more rarefied to five miles high, where it has one fifth of its sea level pressure and can be as cold as -80C.  At this height it is called the tropopause.
You can see this boundary when you watch a cumulonimbus cloud: the TOP of its ANVIL gives you the level of the tropopause. The reason WHY the upward-pouring cumulus slams to a stop at the tropopause is the exact reason why regular long-distance planes fly higher than this, and why also chemtrailers come to their wrong conclusions. The tropopause is a point of change to a completely new set of conditions.
Instead of being warmed from beneath by IR radiation reflected by the land, the thin atmospheric molecules obtain their heating by UV radiation from the sun, and are consequently hotter with increasing height.
This completely stabilizes the air.   Cumuliform activity cannot and does not occur.   Water is held either as suspended ice crystals (cirrus) in the air, or as water vapor dissolved in the air.
This second atmosphere is called the stratosphere, stratum being the Latin for layer.   This smooth stable set of layers float like independent ribbons around a maypole Earth.
Interlayer friction is low, so they can have independent headings and speeds.  The quickest ribbons are known as jet streams.  Wise pilots tend to maximise their interaction by selecting a particularly suitable layer for obtaining the best overland speed and for conserving fuel.
These layers rarely intermix, and thus have their humidity determined by their origin. When I say humid I mean the air of that layer has a certain amount of pure water vapor molecules (H2O) limited only by availability and temperature.  But the most interesting point is that they are ALL invisible.
A box of thin air with water vapor in it is hardly more visible than a vacuum.
If a passenger plane just doing its normal stuff hits an invisible layer in the stratosphere which is supersaturated (an event which occurs for 17% of the time) then the water vapor in the layer that touches the trail will precipitate upon it immediately. The weight of the trail can grow by 10,000 times.  The trail can deepen to a mile and widen to more than five miles. The trail ice falls out of the layer it was formed in. Most evaporates, but some ice will remain as a cirrus cloud.  It wont be like a cirrus cloud, it will BE a cirrus cloud.
The manner of its formation (10,000:1 dilution by PURE water vapor) guarantees that ALL trails you see are purer than your tap water.
It’s atmospheric physics at work.  Go to a technical library and use it to get yourself a real education.


I see your entire YouTube account is dedicated to debunking Chemtrails. I guess we can count on you responding to every comment for the next few weeks. Your argument will be the same one every time – a futile attempt to explain away this phenomenon as an Orwellian cloud of water vapor.   Ignorance is Strength, right?  Did you have links to the WWII footage ready?  And don’t forget to tell us how educated you are while ignoring the qualifications of our researchers. Here we go again.


Are you going to just look the other way and ignore this issue?  If you deny chemicals are being sprayed in our skies, you have yet to open your eyes, and that is ok.  Many will not be able to wake.  For those who are awake and fed up with the way humanity and the planet are being treated, know difficult work lies ahead.  Brothers and sisters of love and light are providing all the support currently possible.  They can not just come save us.  We would learn nothing.  Will we save ourselves this time?


i have a hunch that since they are also spraying aluminum on us in chemtrails, that it limits our ability to quantum communicate, and or reach a higher consciousness.. watch stars and stones lecture by dan winter.. some incredible stuff there..


soon the planet will not be able to support life systems. plants. animals. humans. chemtrails destroy rivers. lakes. ecosystems. water drinking wells.   Chemtrails are very real and they are destroying humankind. the chemicals they use destroy human DNA..  the planet will be fully destroyed.


“CHEMTRAILS”.  Persistent LIES of chemically-infused butt spray dispersals from typically uninformed brains to be found all over YouTube.  Standing out from normal conversation, chemtrailers words spread to form a thick blanket of bullshit, held together by straws until they reach the ground, fouling everything with a pungent stink of lies and pathogenic innuendo.  The cure is to found in any science library – “Atmospheric Science”.  Knowledge and understanding will always beat ignorance and fear.


Knowledge and understanding will always beat ignorance and fear.  I can easily throw that sentence right back at you.  The NOAA currently list over 60 weather mod programs most of which release CHEMICALS in our atmosphere.  There are alarming spikes of aluminum and barium in our drinking water suppliesThe topic of Chemtrails has been discussed on History Channel, BBC, NOVA, NBC and ABC News so don’t try to make it sound like internet only subject matter.


Thanks for posting the video,to get that message out there world wide.


UFO 1:54


NASA announced they found Planet X in 1983 then said it was a mistake.  They LIED!  This is what theyre hiding with the chemtrails sprayed everyday globally. Its the reason for the increase in quakes and volcanoes and for the doomsday seed vault.  It is also the warning for the war of Armageddon which will see America destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO on the day of the next us/israeli false flag to invade Iran.
News here: (3w) . scribd . com/doc/16612974/War-News




If you watch the 80’s tv series automan you will find that there are no chemtrails in the sky in any of automan’s episodes, just how i remember the skies back then as well.


we are and have been being sprayed heavily in santa rosa california.  its so heavy and continous all day.  its sucks so bad.  i tried to get away from a huge one but they start at the coast and spray inland overhead also. it blows east.  these turn into chemclouds. they sky is litterally filled with these clouds.  its so blatant sometimes but no one cares or notices.  they all think your crazy.

The real reason for chemtrails is google is using it to take photos of the entire globe using radar look up google maps every shot has chemtrails in it.


I think the trails have been around for far longer than anyone cares to admit.  We have heard of the star-jelly at Oakland but that stuff was sprayed in the sky from trails.   Hundreds of years ago.  Cliff Carnicom has filmed orbs which match Ezekiel’s descriptions of wheels within wheels and the pillars of fire in the Bible.  The Nazca indians carved lines in the desert that look the same as our skies

Then tell us that doesn’t look the same as what we see in the skies.


When do you think chemtrails started?  I dont think ive seen a real cloud as long as ive been alive.


i have watched this for years where i shoot baskets on an outdoor court, no ryhme or reason to patterns, obviously this is a plot to sicken us. end of story.



Alo ha, Complain to the FAA every time you see these – 1-888-697-7813.  Watch my videos to see what is in chemtrails.


The sky will be clear i.e the sky is blue and the sun is shining.  Planes come and leave long lines of vapor in the sky.  They cross the lines making X’s or grid patterns.  After and hour or two of this spraying the blue sky is gone and your looking at a nasty white haze/overcast.  Case is closed.  This is not natural.  It is strategic and very effective at blocking out the blue sky and sun.  Watch it happen in your own town with your own eyes.  Love and Light to all whom are concerned.


To all of you who say this is normal… how do you explain this… Contrails dissapper quickly, and these chemtrails stay around for long periods of time. Please explain this to me…


Omg you are all retards.  Chem trails do NOT exist.  It’s water vapor that can come from two places on an aircraft.
1. The upper surface of the wings when high lift is being produced.  Due to the low pressure above the wing the air cannot hold onto its water content.
2. Water is a product of combustion and as it’s at 36,000ft its -56 degrees.  As soon as the exhaust of the jet hits the air the water in the gas freezes into ice.


Wow. I guess we’ll pass on this information to all the scientific researchers who are concerned about this phenomenon.  Rosalind Peterson recently presented scientific findings to the UN.  I guess the researchers are going to be a bit embarrassed when they learn it’s been only water vapor all this time.  Perhaps you’d like to accompany them the next time they are invited to the United Nations.  Did you hear that everyone?  Harmless water vapor.  Go back to your TVs.  Your government is taking care of U.


You clearly have no understanding of aircraft or their propulsion systems. 


Do you honestly think these researchers overlooked the physics of contrails?  You might want to do some research before calling people retards.  Why are there clouds in our skies on days meteorological conditions do not normally support their formation?  Contrails composed of water vapor routinely dissipate.  If contrails transform into clouds it can be concluded that the material of composition is not water vapor.


Do we honestly think they overlooked the physics of contrails?  YES.  Some MORON says “someone has to explain to me the X patterns and loops” and Rosalind herself says planes only fly in straight lines.  She is obviously a retard if she has no idea about holding patterns and VOR beacon navigation as does the other moron talking with her so YES, they OBVIOUSLY have overlooked physics if they have no clue even about basic aviation procedures.


It’s all bullshit sorry but they are civil aircraft and they don’t give off worse chemicals than your car.


My car doesn’t burn 1,000 gallons per hour. 


Your car doesn’t take 300 people 1000 miles.


I never said it did.  You are the one that said an airliner doesn’t give off worse chemicals than my car.  But clearly it does.


One should ask, why are there clouds in our skies on these days if meteorological conditions do not normally support their formation?  One reasonable explanation is that there are aircraft leaving chemical trails.  Photographic evidence shows cloud formations progressing in direct correlation with aircraft activity, ground sample photographs show materials that have originated from the sky during chemtrail activity, and aircraft telephotos of spray configurations have been captured.

Youtube 3

This one’s dated November 27, 2009, slightly different formatting rules:

PURPLE  means “barking mad”.

BLUE  means “science-based”.

GREEN  means “true, putatively, but not in general practice”, in spite of what the CTer insists.

ORANGE  means “determined and malevolent ad hominem attack”.

RED  means “in flagrant contradiction with established science”.

Is this your full time job? It seems like you have lots of time on your hands. You have left the majority of comments on most every YouTube video about Chemtrails. Your comments are crude and insulting. The people are waking up. You are losing the InfoWar. Fact: The NOAA list over 60 weather mod programs most of which release Chemicals in our atmosphere. Stop making fun of your fellow American brothers & sisters and join us in the fight for truth and Justice. You are on the wrong side of history.

Seems a bit pot/kettle to me when you talk of sock puppets, considering your channel. Who else are you? YT banned my JR channel BECAUSE of my activity right here.

THIS video is an utter FRAUD and LIE. This 1969 film shows you why:


Not exactly, you see, I haven’t changed any ID since I first enrolled here. Neither do I feel the need to sell myself or shill my wares here. I am the watcher to the north.. perhaps the video here just offends your delicate sensibilities and as such causes you angst. If so so be it. If you arent getting paid for your activity here you should be. Apply ad NOAA for a job responding to high school teachers who send in questions regarding air quality.

You cannot be a high school teacher. Can’t you see a certain similarity between the 1969 film and the above? Namely the ballast barrels. There’s a good likelihood that they are the SAME ones. The lying crew who made this video are the same crowd that made the “Germany admits chemtrails” deliberate mistranslation of a weather forecasting dispute. In fact ALL they do is lie. High school teachers should have the IQ to spot such lies. You haven’t. Now I see the further effects of 1970s dumbing down.

 No, stupid symbol. I breathe clean air, drink clean water and eat clean food. You ARE going to be in trouble if you troll around YT calling every well-informed and intelligent person a disinfo spook. You will die before me and I shall be laughing at you as I sip my beer in my seaside plaza on my subtropical island. I’ll still be laughing when it’s my turn…

Or not. It’s likely your island will be inundated by the coming flood. Hope you know how to tread water for a loooooooong time..

@gogmagog666. You appear not to know the type of island I live on. It’s volcanic, with steep sides. Although I live only 600 yds from the shore my home is 150 feet above sea level. You’d better pray the volcano doesn’t erupt instead. Nice.

Well Jazzroc/beachcomber or whatever yer sock puppet name is now since Youtube banned your other User ID. 150 foot above sea level won’t keep you from having to tread water. The shift will likely cause that eruption you are talking about, and since you are halfway around the world from here I have no worries that that eruption will be my problem. More likely it will be yours though. Lets see, lava or tidal wave? hmmm nice choice you’ve made for yourself.

@gogmagog666. As you sit like a shitfly in the comments section of one of YT’s worst videos. This will tell you all, bozo.
Old volcanoes never die, they just crack and ooze a little.

Speak for yourself, it appears we are all bozos on this bus..as for the old volcanoes comment, tell it to mount St. Helens. It all depends on how active the fault is. Those that stand quiet for a long time are apt to erupt catastrophically. Plate techtonics aside, if you live on the side of a volcano there is a chance that you will have to run for your life someday, and if the lava flow hits the ocean you will wind up boiled like a lobster if you don’t happen to have a boat to get away on.

Hi there disinfo spook, you change your name on these things once in a while, but you still post the same shit. day in and day out. People are catching on that something is causing the air water and soil to become increasingly toxic all over the planet. Hope you enjoy eating and breathing all of the toxic crap that is being dumped on you as well as the rest of us.. You will eventually die of it too.

No, stupid symbol. I breathe clean air, drink clean water and eat clean food. You ARE going to be in trouble if you troll around YT calling every well-informed and intelligent person a disinfo spook. You will die before me and I shall be laughing at you as I sip my beer in my seaside plaza on my subtropical island. I’ll still be laughing when it’s my turn…

Sorry to hear that you too are under attack. North America has been hit with this heavily over the last 10 years or more. This is a part of a depopulation agenda. Not only are the chemicals they drop on us toxic, we need the sunlight to produce enough vitamin D to keep our immune systems functional. If you can afford it supplement with Vitamin D3 1000 IU per day during low light periods. This will help boost your immune system and keep you from getting sick.

Thank you!

I get what you are saying about it being hard to predict weather patterns and I use to live on the ocean so sailing is something I have done before. But I can’t buy the whole ice crystal thing because we would be in a constant state of overcast and rain from all the plane traffic if that were the case. I’m not saying it doesn’t occur I just don’t buy that as an explanation for lingering and I grew up near 4 airports and never use to see chemtrails as a kid just contrails.

That’s to be expected. It took me a long time to understand the 10,000:1 weather-to-plane ice ratio. There is very much more WATER than you think up there at any time. On a HOT DRY DAY the blue sky around you to the horizon contains three thousand tons of it. When the stratosphere is saturated (happens 17% of the time) the locked-up water vapor needs just the slightest stimulus to be released – as in a Wilson Cloud Chamber. This is provided by a passing plane EVERY time without exception.

There needn’t be a CONSTANT state of overcast & rain. In fact, the weather isn’t like that. Just as often as not, the stratospheric layer BELOW the forming trail may be DRY. When the ice falls into that layer it will evaporate. Or if it survives all the way down to the tropopause, it may still evaporate into warmer drier air anyway. Any or all of these things can happen…

One thing is FOR SURE. Planes flying CONTINUOUSLY through a single layer will RAISE its humidity to SATURATION eventually. Thereafter all planes flying through that layer will create a PERSISTENT trail. There is FIFTY TIMES as much air traffic as there was FIFTY YEARS ago. Might not THAT account for “chemtrails” (and of course DEBUNK them)?

I don’t think that debunks them but it does add some interesting questions and throw a lot of variables into the whole equation but assuming what you say is true why don’t you see planes at altitude go from wide trails to quickly disappearing thin trails and back? and the air traffic where I grew up was by 2 master jet bases a major international airport and an air force base there was a LOT of traffic there 30 years ago and I never saw chemtrails back then.

“why don’t you see planes at altitude go from wide trails to quickly disappearing thin trails and back?” You do. Chemtrailers call that “Chemtrails ON – Chemtrails OFF”. “I never saw chemtrails back then”. But they were there. In a generally much less crowded sky.

From an “ex-chemtrailer” (removed)… Ask him for yourself.


please send me a link that shows the planes forced down in India and Nigeria was a hoax I can’t seem to find anything on that.

Who Is Sorcha Faal? Now that’s a GOOD question. “What does she do?” EXACTLY.

Watched the video you suggested. that may explain thing in a crowded area but I live in the country we have a small airport. I noticed over 45 CHEMTRAILS there were 8 flights that day so 16 possible this is not an area that is in the flight path of other airports. these trails were in a grid pattern with very good spacing they later filled in and became overcast then later it rained there was no weather fronts to explain this sudden change in the weather either.

You noticed white trails in the sky. Not Chemtrails but persistent contrails. How do you know you are not near the path of overflights? You probably have a VOR beacon in your vicinity. Trails form a pattern with good spacing because the atmosphere has wind that causes the contrails to drift relative to the aircrafts’ original track over the ground. Look at a timelapse of airliners flying along a fixed route relative to the ground. The trails drift into even parallel lines and grids due to wind.


that can explain the spacing in one direction but not the grid that would take two winds blowing at the same speed 90 degrees from each other and the trails were of the same size not a thin dense one progressing to wider dissipated or clouds. I’ll check about the beacon.

No. All it takes is planes flying shuttle routes at right angles to each other, and the overland heading of the stratosphere to NOT be aligned to either route. Then you will ALWAYS get a grid pattern. You’re in the process of a conceptualization FAIL. Improve…

You noticed 45 persistent contrails between five and seven above you in the STRATOSPHERE. This can move at a fair lick (up to 150 mph) which means that trails laid an hour or two previously could have been 150-300 miles away. Any airports within that radius? Also that much falling ice WOULD probably have an effect on the weather. The ice falling through the troposphere would increase potential rainfall below. That ice would beat your tap water for freshness ‘cos its made from pure water vapor.

just one small next one about 180 miles but in the same direction of trail movement the grid was moving parallel to one set and the whole pattern was moving then turning to clouds and I have seen multiple planes flying grids also so that doesn’t fit in to Henryleaf’s explanation of wind causing the spacing over a single well used flight path although that does make perfect sense and does explain some but not all.

The whole manner in which planes fly (and ships sail) is not well understood by the layman. The vehicle sets a course different from its true direction of movement because it’s flying through a MOVING atmosphere or sailing through a MOVING sea. Winds relative to the general movement of the stratosphere DO take place aloft – eg,, downward-moving winds occur which are caused just by the fall of so many tons of trail ice crystals. Being WEATHER, every case will be unique. It’s tough, generalizing..

and you seem to be talking the same bullshit as beachcomber explain the grid patterns that they have been flying and both of you could not be more wrong about contrails not dissipating because of temp besides I live near an airport and constantly see planes at the same or higher altitudes with contrails that dissipate while cemtrails remain and how about the two planes that were forced down in india and nigeria that were ukrainian planes manned with US air force crew and made to spray chemicals.

“explain the grid patterns that they have been flying”.

“both of you could not be more wrong about contrails not dissipating because of temp”. HUMIDITY.
“see contrails that dissipate while cemtrails remain”. Trails that EVAPORATE and some that ACCRETE ice and grow in size.
“two planes that were forced down” Were stories discovered to be false. Like everything you say. Wanateachyourselfsomescience?

beachcomber 2008 all i can hear from you is mumble mumble mumble you really need to pull you pants down when you are taking out your ass so people can understand you.

Don’t engage with debunkers they are skilled, resist and refuse, this is not normal it is happening all over the world using your money without your knowledge or consent. YOUR MONEY without YOUR CONSENT. Ignore, delete and block debunkers. Heads will roll soon. Believe and stay strong.

NASA announced they found Planet X in 1983 then said it was a mistake. They LIED! This is what theyre hiding with the chemtrails sprayed every day globally. Its the reason for the increase in quakes and volcanoes and for the doomsday seed vault. It is also the warning for the war of Armageddon which will see America destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO on the day of the next us/israeli false flag to invade Iran. News here:

Title correction; Chemtards from the inside.

Actually scientists have done so many times since Appleman’s first research in 1953. There are a couple of LIDAR-based satellites quite capable of analyzing the air at any altitude. There are THOUSANDS of filtering air samplers running 24/7 in cities across the western world NONE OF WHICH have detected anything unusual. Chemtrailere are still in the 19th century and KNOW NOTHING AT ALL about the 21st.

only Zionists agitators will deny that chemtrails are “normal”. The same guys will say that 9/11 was NOT an inside job. They will say your a conspiracy nuts and insult you. Zionists are false Jews freaks of the NWO. The synagogue of Satan.

Has anyone flown up to these “chemtrails” and taken samples. Studied it perhaps?

For info on moon and sun haloes link to atoptics.co.uk. These have been observed for THOUSANDS OF YEARS.

“Chemtrails defuse suns UV light” – CTs don’t exist. The stratosphere absorbs the Sun’s UV. “honey bees unable to find hive? – NO. They have 5 different ways to find it. “something to do with colony collapse syndrome?” – NO. They all leave. “What happens if all bees die?” – Deep shit pollination-wise. Have they died? “Chemtrails in short bursts” – Your fifth change of subject. “rainbow effect around the sun – ring around the moon” – High altitude ice crystals. Normal.

Chemtrails defuse the suns ultra violet light. Could that have something to do with the planets honey bees not being able to get back to the hive.
Bees see UV light and navigate by the sun. If the sun was undefined in a UV haze, could that have something to do with “colony collapse syndrome” where a bee colony disappears or fails to come home? What happens to us if all the bees die?

Say whatever you like about me, It doesn’t bother me and I don’t take it personally. You’re just doing your jobs. I just thought that I should mention that I have been observing Chemtrails in short bursts instead of miles long trails. The overcast they produce spreads quickly like it’s in a concentrated form. Also there is a permanent haze in our upper atmosphere that can appear as a rainbow effect around the sun and a brown haze ring around the moon. The sun’s ultra violet light is defused.

You are so full of shit AND stupid. Watch the contrail instantly dissipate in this video, and the breath on a “cold” day. wow, it doesn’t blow away. it instantly dissipates right? And the contrail doesn’t drift all the way to the horizon, it instantly disappears… just like your intellect did years ago.

So as Beachcomber correctly states, there is a slight difference between your idea of a cold day, and the typical conditions at airline cruise altitudes. But to know that would actually require some education on your part which sadly is unlikely to ever happen.


Pat Condell has part of what I believe well-nailed here:

The rest is to do with living a self-sufficient life, generated in harmony with the planet and its other occupants.


Janaia Donaldson (the female presenter) needs to stop interrupting while the person shes interviewing is talking. Although she is obviously very educated on the subject i find her comments rather repetative and pointless. PLEASE JANAIA LET YOUR GUEST TALK AND STOP TALKING YOURSELF. At the end of every sentence saying “wow” “uhuh” “oh my goodness” etc… it becomes rather annoying and actually distracts me from what experts are saying and the points they are raising.

Thanks for your input, Peak. I’m working to do that.

I am sorry for being rude, what your doing is absolutely fantastic and to be completely honest i had a moment of fustration! I’ve watched all your video’s and i only wish more people would know about peak oil, i was actually wondering if you had any advice for warning my friends about this? they just wont listen.

Not rude, honest. I appreciate that. My growing edge. Peak, your frustration is understandable. You’re 21, and I’d expect your peers don’t want to hear it. Consider: the mainstream media barely notices Peak Oil. Why? One reason: it doesn’t benefit those in power, the money masters. Another: humanity has never before had an extravagant bonanza of millions of years of energy, and all it has enabled. Thus, we’ve never had to powerdown at a global scale. Off the charts, and easier to just deny.
I like these videos and they make a lot of sense – then I tell my family/friends about peak oil and they laugh at me like I’m a kook – and I look at the number of views here on youtube and I realize they are only a relatively few people even thinking about this stuff – it’s very confusing.
You’re not alone! It’s always challenging to be ahead of the pack. The mainstream media has done a fine job of suppressing this information… because knowledge of peak oil (and other resources) spells the end of the perpetual-growth economy… which is happening even now. Perhaps share “The End of Suburbia” film with your friends. Or our DVD with Richard Heinberg on “Peak Everything” and discuss it (peakmoment-dot-tv). For many people, denial is the first response. The implications are scary!
I got the same reaction too. It’s like John says in the video, everyone is running round in their little world of infinite growth and prosperity. It’s not you thats crazy – it’s them. Don’t worry about it, most people find it hard to think because they are used to being told by the media what the world is like. It’s tough to deal with the fact that it’s all make believe, and that the reality of it means that THEY have to do something. Easier just to leave it to the Government…

Yes, and America’s huge oil and coal deposits placed it at the top of the world pyramid during and following World War II. Wealth and power seems to go along with those natural resources, which is why the torch of power is moving towards the Middle east and China. The American Empire is fully in decline. (Check out PM 72 about the film “What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire.”)

Another comment sorry…. With the resources we do have… like people…. you should invest in your education and find that the choices of presidents we have had over the last 20 yrs have not been that good… I find it funny but the one thing people are not tackling is education…. not reform but make the common us citizen competitive in today’s market… unlike 30 or 40 years ago where you could not finish H.S. and start work and make 15-30 bucks an hour…. no more. That is the educated man.
We need to scrap the “class mentality” in America concerning higher education. In a localized economy we’ll be valuing all of our citizens’ gifts and skills. One example is the horrible way we treat our farmers – they are belittled and mocked and yet our very survival depends upon them. I doubt that the US will be able to keep pouring money into universities and colleges, while our students incur huge amounts of personal debt. There must be a better way.


And if you liked that, this may work for you. It certainly did for me.