JazzRoc versus “Chemtrails”

Contrail Facts and “Chemtrail” Fictions


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These are HALO features which have existed (even when there were no eyes to see them) for as long as this planet has had an atmosphere with water in it – and that’s over four billion years.  A halo (and a sundog, which is a constituent of a halo) is a VIRTUAL IMAGE which is UNIQUE within the eyes of the onlooker: no two onlookers could possibly see the identical image.  The other things to remember is that effect looks STATIC, exactly like a rainbow, but is in fact more DYNAMIC than a TV screen.  Everything that generates either effect is falling and possibly tumbling.


“Haloes can be seen all the year round from the tropics to the poles. Ice crystals in cirrus clouds produce them. The clouds are 3 – 6 miles (5 to 10 km) high and are always cold regardless of their location.  In very cold weather haloes are also formed by crystals in air close to ground level, called diamond dust.
Ice crystals behave like jewels.  Sunlight passing between their faces is refracted and reflected to send shafts of light in particular directions.  Haloes are the collective glints of millions of crystals.  Regardless of their overall proportions, all ice crystals have identical interfacial angles.  It is this constancy which gives regular and predictable haloes.
Why are the crystal angles always the same? The constancy comes from a deeper order at a molecular scale. In ice, individual water molecules are linked together and arranged in a regular lattice.
This submicroscopic order and symmetry gives us the halo forms and symmetries of the skies.


Ice has a hexagonal molecular symmetry* and its crystals are mostly hexagonal prisms that vary in proportion or habit from long columns to thin plates**.  Plates and columns may have different relative face sizes and their hexagonal end faces can be irregular.  However, regardless of their individual proportions, the angles between their faces are always the same.  Without this constancy we would not have haloes.
Alternate prism side faces always incline at 60° to one another.  The two prism end (or basal) faces always incline 90° to the six side faces.  These two wedge angles each produce their own groups of haloes.
Cloud crystals are commonly aligned in particular ways.   This is the result of air resistance acting on the crystals as they drift slowly downwards relative to air currents in the clouds.  Plate crystals drift down like leaves.  Their large faces are almost horizontal.   Columns align themselves with

their long axes nearly horizontal.  Each alignment favours certain light paths through the crystals and produces its own own family of haloes.
Crystal habits, wedge angles and alignments are the keys to understanding haloes.

*   Ordinary hexagonal ice (ice Ih) is the only stable form under ordinary cloud conditions. Cubic ice (ice Ic) might exist at very low temperatures (<-80C) and would form different haloes. There is some lack of agreement on whether any haloes from cubic ice have been seen.
**   Ordinary ice also forms pyramidal crystals.

Snowflakes are large and complex hexagonally-symmetrical crystals and do not form haloes except for some sun pillars.”

This is all quoted from http://www.atoptics.co.uk – a website which gives us marvellous and terse descriptions of all atmospheric effects on Earth – to date.  It continues (under “HALOES” alone!): “Orientations: Plate – Column – Parry – Lowitz – Random – Face numbers – Real Crystals – Diamond Dust – Pyramidal – Frequent Halos – Infrequent Halos – Multiple Displays – Other Worlds – Observing Halos – HaloSim”


Well, actually, it met a thin veil of descending ice crystals shortly after passing the tropopause, and TUMBLED them.  The instantaneous nature of the “ripple” through that veil gives us an inkling that these crystals are far from being massive: they are minuscule…




“What the heck does the Stratosphere and Troposphere have to do with what I said at all?” – You are observing from the bottom of the troposphere actions taking place in the stratosphere. You CANNOT SEE THE BOUNDARY, and so you tend to make false assumptions.

These two REGIONS are DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT. The WEATHER you experience down below BEARS NO RELATIONSHIP to the “weather” in the stratosphere. It can be RAINING CATS AND DOGS down here, and DRY AS A BONE up there, or VICE VERSA (but it’s TOO COLD EVER TO RAIN up there!). Even the WIND DIRECTION can be TOTALLY DIFFERENT.


“grade 4 science, so you don’t have to explain the whole unit over again, thanks” – YES I DO! IT OBVIOUSLY DIDN’T “TAKE”! Your comments about “steam” – your failure to understand evaporation – your failure to appreciate that there is ALWAYS water in atmospheric air – your readiness to accept the WILDEST of assertions – prove this.




“If he grew up around base- “army brat”…”

I NEVER grew up around a base. I was born in Cardiff Hospital during the Second World War, my father was posted to India and the Middle East. Me, my mother and her sister stayed in a flat in York. The first “officers quarters” I lived in were in the Isle of Man in ’52 when I was 8. They were WAY away from the base.

“Then his information is from the information circles that he would encounter in that environment.”

No. The “information circles” of which you speak were those of an ordinary English schoolboy. I went to fourteen schools, in York, Cardiff, Lytham, Blackpool, Ramsey, Barrow, Southport, Hamm (Germany), and Cambridge.

“They have re-educated those in the field. He lives on the field, so what do you expect.”

No. I always lived in a house with my mother, father, sister and brother. I had an English education – passed my 11+, got 10 ‘O’ Levels, ‘A’ Level Maths, Physics, Chemistry, a HNC. Mech. Engineering, a Degree in 3-Dimensional Industrial Engineering Design.

“I wonder, for instance, he thinks Depleted Uranium is a harmless substance that can be left on a battlefield without causing harm to future generations.”

What utter rubbish. It’s very nearly the most dangerous substance on the planet. How could you misconstrue such a lie? There must be something wrong with your cognitive functions. Or you’re a plainly malevolent bastard.

“He’s not necessarily paid to do what he’s doing, it may just be a function of what his being has been taught in that environment.”

More utter rubbish. I was taught commonsense, and was more aware of science and capable of spelling and constructing sentences than you are right now when I was eight years old.

“His argument must be right after all, he’s all into guarding the most powerful country on the planet, and he grew up there – How could the information he has be wrong… eh?”

Well, I wasn’t aware that Britain WAS the most powerful country on the planet. I SO support Britain that I live elsewhere. How can the information YOU have ever be RIGHT, eh? You people are so stupid that it will be a relief for everyone if Bin Laden ever got to you.


Jet engines MAKE soda pop. Decane is the chemical name for aviation kerosine, or JP-4, JP-8. The combustion formula goes:

2*C10H22 + 31*O2 -> 20*CO2 + 11*H2O, or


And as MOST OF US know:


There could be THREE OR MORE transparent layers of air of DIFFERENT HUMIDITIES, only ONE of which condenses a “VAPOR TRAIL”*, within the short-haul civil aircraft band between 30 and 35 thousand feet. Layer thicknesses of differing humidity are frequently only hundreds of feet thick, and aircraft are spaced ten miles apart on the same level for a particular route, and conflicting routes are typically 3000ft above or below each other.

(* Water vapor is INVISIBLE. It is what you see close to a kettle spout when its contents are boiling: something which is hot and totally transparent. As soon as it cools and water droplets form “it” becomes visible. Water vapor dissolves in air at any temperature, resulting in a completely transparent mixture. At any time water vapor will try to pass into solution with air to render it 100% humid. It is then called saturated. Once this has happened the air can take up more water vapor, but not in the presence of contaminants or physical disturbances in the air. When this has happened it is called super-saturated.)

So you’ll see SOME planes laying “vapor” trails while others don’t – it depends which transparent stratospheric layer the plane is flying through. The layers themselves aren’t perfectly flat – they roughly conform to the ground profile AND any rising CUMULUS clouds. So even if the plane flies straight and level, it may be the layer it is in slopes gently down or up, and a vapor trail either appears or disappears. You have to remember these layers, though different, are ALWAYS themselves transparent.

So you can’t SEE them. You can only see which layer is really humid by a plane throwing a vapor trail in it. Typically stratospheric layers begin ABOVE the TROPOPAUSE (temperature varies between -40 and -80 deg C), which is where our ground level weather STOPS. The layers vary in thickness, more densely packed close to the TROPOPAUSE, thinning out to nothing much above twelve miles up. It’s very smooth and calm up there.

Unlike what it is DOWN HERE. This rising panic ensues from an under-educated public. Had you all been properly taught about the weather as schoolchildren, this would be a NON-TOPIC.

Respiratory ailments may well be on the increase, but so is the planting of unusual crops which emit unusual pollens, auto fumes are still on the increase, and urban photochemical smogs are also on the increase. It is known (by some) that the COMBINATION of pollens, auto fumes, and urban smog can cause severe auto-immune failure, asthma, and death in the young, weak, or elderly.

If there are MORE vapor trails in the sky than there used to be, then the answer is that there is MORE AVIATION TRAFFIC and MORE WATER IN THE ATMOSPHERE.

It isn’t very wise to look upwards and blame “soda pop” for combinatory effects which are happening down here, solely because you can’t understand how the atmosphere works.

It certainly doesn’t help you to find a REAL solution to the REAL problem.

The STRATOSPHERE is a still and stable part of our atmosphere compared with the TROPOSPHERE, which is the part in which we live, and experience CUMULUS clouds, and rain and thunderstorms.

However there is such a thing as THE PREVAILING WIND which we experience at ground level. It is actually THE PREVAILING MOVEMENT OF THE COMPLETE ATMOSPHERE.

There are in the stratosphere layers of air with varying humidities which slither over each other with small relative motions and in so doing sometimes cause HIGH CIRRUS clouds, enabling you to see the relative motion. Otherwise YOU CANNOT SEE ANY MOTION OF THAT AIR BECAUSE ALL THESE LAYERS ARE TRANSPARENT. The motion relative to each other is technically LAMINAR motion – it is smooth and pretty frictionless, without turbulence, and quite unlike the troposphere beneath.

Anyway, imagine a SEQUENCE of aircraft flying (and throwing contrails) from A to B along the same overland line, which is NOT NECESSARILY in line with the prevailing atmospheric motion. Although they are flying THE SAME OVERLAND COURSE, what you’ll see is a SERIES OF LINES PARALLEL TO EACH OTHER as the atmosphere passes by.

Now imagine another contemporaneous SEQUENCE of aircraft flying (and throwing contrails) from C to D along another overland line at roughly RIGHT ANGLES to the first (they’d be assigned a different altitude) and you’ll get a RECTANGULAR GRID OF CONTRAILS IN THE SKY, as the prevailing movement of the atmosphere continues to bear them away. It’s easier to sketch this idea with a pencil than it is to describe it in words. You could imagine printing a letter X in the same spot, but the paper is being smoothly moved in one particular direction. You’ll always produce a grid.

There’s NO SPRAYING going on – just your regular passenger shuttle traffic, but on a day with a PARTICULARLY HUMID ATMOSPHERE.

Even on a clear blue sky day the air contains water. I looked out recently and it was such a sky, checked the Relative Humidity (65%) and in a minute or two had calculated that this CLEAR BLUE SKY contained within a radius of SIX miles and a height of FIVE miles THREE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED TONS OF WATER.

Stratospheric layers are COLD and quite THIN, INVISIBLE, and SEPARATE. Their temperature is VERY LOW, and there is only a SMALL PROPORTION OF ATMOSPHERIC AIR. It takes VERY LITTLE WATER to SATURATE them.

Passenger planes are passing through them at 575mph, depositing TWO HUNDRED POUNDS OF ICE PER MILE, in the form of a white “smoke”. REPEATED passages will SATURATE the layer and THEREAFTER this “smoke” can do nothing but MIX INTO THE LAYER.


As I said before, go get yourself an education. Maybe it will at least teach you not to be stupidly rude to people who have learnt to understand what’s going on.



There’s no mystery – just a phenomenon that is explained perfectly adequately by science, and a bunch of people saying that actually it’s something else – without providing a single verifiable fact to back that up.

Read actual scientific explanations for these “chemtrails” and then come back with something that proves that wrong, not just a wacky idea that collapses as soon as you analyze it properly.

FACTS are more powerful than your desire to believe.



These trails ARE and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN contrails. Persistent trails (in a stratosphere saturated with water vapour, which are now being MISNAMED as “chemtrails”) were first photographed over London in 1940, forty-nine years BEFORE the word “chemtrail” was coined.

They are a fine white “smoke” of ICE laid in the stratosphere at the rate of 200lb/mile by every modern passenger plane, which in less humid conditions sublimes into invisible water vapour and “disappears”. HARMLESS!

What ISN’T is the FEAR whipped-up in the minds of the ignorant by the deluded, and also by cynical, power-hungry SCUM, who are definitely NOT INTERESTED in the “science” of contrails.

This people’s agenda is ANARCHY, and any lie will serve it. Their hatred is primarily directed against the power cabal currently in control in the US. It’s a nasty piece of work, I agree, but personally I hold to the TRUTH as the weapon to confront them with, not a farrago of bad science, hypocrisy, and lies.

They claim “Science” to be “Disinformation”.

Now “choose” your side…

…is “Science” TRUTH for YOU?

Is there ANY circumstance where a LIE can serve YOUR purposes?

If there IS, you’ll find ME opposing you…


it really isn’t possible to “sum” the complexities of the atmosphere in “one small paragraph”!


What YOU call “chemtrails” are typically contrails formed in HIGH HUMIDITY air in the STRATOSPHERE. The TROPOSPHERE is where YOU are. The STRATOSPHERE is SEPARATE from the TROPOSPHERE and slides over it without much connection with it. The temperature and humidity where you are BEARS NO RELATIONSHIP to what happens up there!


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